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Reference:Technical Resources

  1. MicrOsiris Statistical Analysis and Data Management Software (Freeware)
  2. American Community Survey Compass Products
  3. American Community Survey Design and Methodology Report
  4. American Community Survey Errata
  5. American Community Survey Group Quarters Definitions (2009)
  6. American Community Survey Subject Definitions (2009)
  7. American Community Survey: Accuracy of the Data
  8. American Community Survey/Census 2000 Table Comparison Tool
  9. Applied Demography Toolbox
  10. Census 2000 Documents
  11. Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data through Esri
  12. Census Cartographic Boundary Files
  13. FactFinder: Not ready for prime time, zip codes and census tracts.
  14. GeoMerge - Merge Shapefiles
  15. Guidance on Comparing American Community Survey Data to Other Sources
  16. Guide to Census Tract Resources
  17. Introduction to ESRI ArcGIS
  18. Shapefiles from the National Historical Geographical Information System (NHGIS)
  19. Technical Issues Associated with the American Community Survey
  20. TIGER/Line Shapefiles