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Data Restricted to PSC Users

National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 1999 [United States]

Note to Users
Due to contractual reasons, these data are restricted to the PSC user community. PSC users may use the path information below to gain access to the data. If you are part of the PSC user community and have questions about accessing data, please contact the Data Services staff.

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 1999 [United States]

Study #: 1123

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Publicly Available Documentation

Codebook: Volume 1 (.pdf)
Codebook: Volume 2 (.pdf)
Frequencies (.pdf)
Questionnaire (.pdf)

Data Files and Documentation Available only for PSC Users

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Codebook: Volume 1 (.pdf)/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_cbkv1.pdf
Codebook: Volume 2 (.pdf)/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_cbkv2.pdf
Data: Child Immunization/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_cimmun.Z
Data: Family/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_family.Z
Data: Household/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_hhold.Z
Data: Injury Episode/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryep.Z
Data: Injury Verbatim/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryvb.Z
Data: Person/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_person.Z
Data: Poison/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_poison.Z
Data: Sample Adult/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_sadult.Z
Data: Sample Child/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_schild.Z
Frequencies (.pdf)/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_freq.pdf
Questionnaire (.pdf)/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_quest.pdf
SAS Data Definition Statements: Child Immunization/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_cimmun_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Family/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_family_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Household/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_hhold_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Injury Episode/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryep_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Injury Verbatim/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryvb_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Person/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_person_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Poison/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_poison_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Sample Adult/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_sadult_sa.txt
SAS Data Definition Statements: Sample Child/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_schild_sa.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Child Immunization/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_cimmun_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Family/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_family_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Household/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_hhold_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Injury Episode/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryep_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Injury Verbatim/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_injuryvb_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Person/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_person_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Poison/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_poison_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Sample Adult/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_sadult_sp.txt
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Sample Child/usr/data/level2/data/s1123/s1123_schild_sp.txt

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