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Restricted Data

Health and Retirement Study (HRS), 1992 [United States]: Wave 1

Note to Users
These data are restricted to a specific research project at PSC. If you are part of a specific research group and would like to gain access to the data, please have the project director contact the Data Services staff.

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: Health and Retirement Study (HRS), 1992 [United States]: Wave 1

Study #: 482

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Restricted Data

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Data: Wave 1: Employer/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_employer.Z
Data: Wave 1: Health/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_health.Z
Data: Wave 1: Household/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_househld.Z
Data: Wave 1: Household List/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_hhlist.Z
Data: Wave 1: Kids/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_kids.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module A/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulea.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module B/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_moduleb.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module C/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulec.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module D/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_moduled.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module E/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulee.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module F/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulef.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module G/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_moduleg.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module H/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_moduleh.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module J/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulej.Z
Data: Wave 1: Module K/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_modulek.Z
Data: Wave 1: Parents/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_parents.Z
Data: Wave 1: Siblings/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_siblings.Z
Data: Wave 1: Widowed/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_widowed.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Children/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2kids.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data A/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2a.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data B/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2b.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data CS/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2cs.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data D/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2d.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data E/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2e.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data FA/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2fa.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data FB/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2fb.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data FC/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2fc.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data G/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2g.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data H/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3h.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data Household List/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2hhlist.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data J/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2j.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data K/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2k.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data N/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2n.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data R/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2r.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data S/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2s.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Data V/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2v.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 0/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod0.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 1/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod1.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 2/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod2.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 3/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod3.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 4/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod4.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 5/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod5.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 6/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod6.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 7/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod7.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 8/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod8.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Module 9/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2mod9.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Parent Data/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2pars.Z
Data: Wave 2 (Beta): Sibling Data/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w2sibs.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data A/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3a.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data B/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3b.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data CS/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3cs.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data F/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3f.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data J H/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3jh.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data J R/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3jr.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data N H/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3nh.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data N R/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3nr.Z
Data: Wave 3 (Alpha): Data R/usr/data/level1/data/s482/s482_w3r.Z

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