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Demographic and Health Surveys III, 1993 [Philippines]

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: Demographic and Health Surveys III, 1993 [Philippines]

Study #: 560

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Codebook (.pdf)/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_cbk.pdf
Codebook: Household/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.map
Codebook: Individual/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.map
Data: Household/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.dat.Z
Data: Individual/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.dat.Z
Data: Service Availability/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phsq30fl.dat.Z
Frequencies: Household/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.frq
Frequencies: Individual/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.frq
Frequencies: Weighted Household/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.frw
Frequencies: Weighted Individual/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.frw
Household SAS Data Definition Statements/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.sas
Individual SAS Data Definition Statements/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.sas
Individual SPSS Data Definition Statements/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phir31fl.sps
SAS Data Definition Statements: Service Availability/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phsq30fl.sas
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Household/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phhr31fl.sps
SPSS Data Definition Statements: Service Availability/usr/data/level3/data/s560/s560_phsq30fl.sps

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