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School District Data Book (SDDB), 1990 [United States]

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: School District Data Book (SDDB), 1990 [United States]

Study #: 628

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
CD-ROM 32: Alabama, Florida
CD-ROM 33: Alaska, Oregon
CD-ROM 34: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah
CD-ROM 35: Arkansas
CD-ROM 36: California: Part 1
CD-ROM 37: California: Part 2
CD-ROM 38: Colorado, Montana
CD-ROM 39: Connecticut, Rhode Island
CD-ROM 40:Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
CD-ROM 41: Georgia
CD-ROM 42: Hawaii
CD-ROM 43: Idaho, Wyoming
CD-ROM 44: Illinois: Part 1
CD-ROM 45: Illinois: Part 2
CD-ROM 46: Indiana
CD-ROM 47: Iowa
CD-ROM 48: Kansas
CD-ROM 49: Kentucky, West Virginia
CD-ROM 50: Louisiana, Mississippi
CD-ROM 51: Massachusetts, New Hampshire
CD-ROM 52: Maine, Vermont
CD-ROM 53: Michigan: Part 1
CD-ROM 54: Michigan: Part 2
CD-ROM 55: Minnesota
CD-ROM 56: Missouri
CD-ROM 57: Nebraska
CD-ROM 58: New Jersey
CD-ROM 59: New York: Part 1
CD-ROM 60: New York: Part 2
CD-ROM 61: North Dakota, South Dakota
CD-ROM 62: Ohio: Part 1
CD-ROM 63: Ohio: Part 2
CD-ROM 64: Oklahoma
CD-ROM 65: Pennsylvania: Part 1
CD-ROM 66: Pennsylvania: Part 2
CD-ROM 67: South Carolina
CD-ROM 68: Tennessee
CD-ROM 69: Texas: Part 1
CD-ROM 70: Texas: Part 2
CD-ROM 71: Texas: Part 3
CD-ROM 72: Washington
CD-ROM 73: Wisconsin
CD-ROM 74: North Carolina
CD-ROM 75: U.S. Summary

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