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Mexican Migration Project

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: Mexican Migration Project

Study #: 772

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Appendix A: Survey Year Codes/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxa.doc
Appendix B: Place Names/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxb.doc
Appendix C: States/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxc.doc
Appendix D: Occupations/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxd.doc
Appendix E: US Experience/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxe.doc
Appendix F: Explanation of COMYEAR Data File/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxf.doc
Appendix G: Household Questionnaire/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxg.doc
Appendix H: Community Questionnaire/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxh.doc
Appendix I: Citations/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_appndxi.doc
Community Cross-Section/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_comcross.doc
Community File by Year/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_comyear.doc
Data: Household file. ASCII format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_housfile.dat.Z
Data: Household file. SPSS export format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_housfile.exp.Z
Data: Household file. SPSS system format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_HOUSFILE.sys
Data: Life history file. ASCII format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_lifefile.dat.Z
Data: Life history file. SPSS export format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_lifefile.exp.Z
Data: Life history file. SPSS system format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_LIFEFILE.sys
Data: Migration file. ASCII format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_migfile.dat.Z
Data: Migration file. SPSS export format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_migfile.exp.Z
Data: Migration file. SPSS system format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_MIGFILE.sys
Data: Person file. ASCII format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_persfile.dat.Z
Data: Person file. SPSS export format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_persfile.exp.Z
Data: Person file. SPSS system format./usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_PERSFILE.sys
Household File/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_housfile.doc
Life History File/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_lifefile.doc
Migration File/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_migfile.doc
Person File/usr/data/level3/data/s772/s772_persfile.doc

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