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Restricted Data

Census of Population and Housing, 1990 [China]: 1% Sample

Note to Users
These data are restricted to a specific research project at PSC. If you are part of a specific research group and would like to gain access to the data, please have the project director contact the Data Services staff.

PSC Data Catalog File Access Details:

Title: Census of Population and Housing, 1990 [China]: 1% Sample

Study #: 864

Warning: Files with a .gz extension may automatically open on a user's window in an uncompressed format. To prevent this from happening, right-click on the file link and choose the Save Link/Target As.. option from the menu.

Publicly Available Documentation

Codebook (.pdf)

Restricted Data

Type of FilePath (for Unix users)
Codebook (.pdf)/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_cbk.pdf
Data: Anhui Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_ah34.Z
Data: Beijing Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_bj11.Z
Data: Concatonated Provinces/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_total.Z
Data: Fujian Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_fj35.Z
Data: Gansu Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_gs62.Z
Data: Guangdong Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_gd44.Z
Data: Guangxi Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_gx45.Z
Data: Guizhou Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_gz52.Z
Data: Hainan Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hn46.Z
Data: Hebei Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hb13.Z
Data: Heilongjiang Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hlj23.Z
Data: Henan Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hn41.Z
Data: Hubei Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hb42.Z
Data: Hunan Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_hn43.Z
Data: Inner Mongolia Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_nm15.Z
Data: Jiangsu Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_js32.Z
Data: Jiangxi Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_jx36.Z
Data: Jilin Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_jl22.Z
Data: Liaoning Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_ln21.Z
Data: Ningxia Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_nx64.Z
Data: Qinghai Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_qh63.Z
Data: Shaanxi Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_sx61.Z
Data: Shandone Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_sd37.Z
Data: Shanghi Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_sh31.Z
Data: Shanxi Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_sx14.Z
Data: Tianjin Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_tj12.Z
Data: Tibet Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_xz54.Z
Data: Xinjiang Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_xj65.Z
Data: Yunnan Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_yn53.Z
Data: Zhejiang Province/usr/data/level1/data/s864/s864_zj33.Z

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