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National Educational Longitudinal Study: Base Year Through Fourth Follow-up, 1988-2000 [United States]

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Title:National Educational Longitudinal Study: Base Year Through Fourth Follow-up, 1988-2000 [United States]
Study Number:1132
Catalog Date:11/20/2003
Source:National Center for Education Statistics
Abstract:The fourth follow-up to NELS:88 included interviews with 12,144 members of the three NELS:88 sample cohorts 12 years after the base-year data collection. Because these data represent the period 6 years after the last contact with the sample, they will enable researchers to explore a new set of educational and social issues about the NELS:88 respondents. In 2000 most of the participants from the various cohort of NELS:88 have been out of high school for 8 years and were 26 years old. The majority of students who intend to enroll in postsecondary schools will already have done so. Thus a large proportion of students have completed college; some completed graduate programs. Many have married and have children of there own; some are successful in the market place, while others have had less smooth transitions into the labor force.

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