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Taiwan Migration Record Data, 1967

PSC Data Catalog: Study Bibliographic Details:

Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Taiwan Migration Record Data, 1967
Study Number:138
Catalog Date:05/12/1998
Access Restrictions:Yes
Abstract:A 1 in 100 sample of in and out migration records for Taiwan townships for 1967. A two stage sample was utilized in which 57 townships were selected in the first stage and a fraction of records was selected from each township to provide equal representation for each stratum of the sample. The same strata and townships were used as in the KAP surveys. Each migration record occupies one or more tape records depending on the number of persons on the migration record. Each tape record contains information common to all persons on the record and individual data for one male and one female. The data is arranged by stratum and household so that all persons moving together can be identified and treated as one unit.

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