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Current Population Survey, March 1987 [United States]: Individual/Family Extract

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Current Population Survey, March 1987 [United States]: Individual/Family Extract
Study Number:292
Catalog Date:11/15/1987
Primary Investigator(s):United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:This is a specialized extract of the March 1987 CPS. In most ways it is a typical rectangular file with selected information on the household and family appended to the individual record. However, two sets of 'family' variables are attached to each record. The principle intent is to capture the 'family' variables at both the family and sub-family levels for a sub-family member.
Universe:Non-institutionalized civilian population of the United States living in housing units, and male members of the Armed Forces living in civilian housing units on a military base or in households not on a military base.

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