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Ortssippenbucher (German Villages): SPSS Child File

PSC Data Catalog: Study Bibliographic Details:

Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Ortssippenbucher (German Villages): SPSS Child File
Study Number:346
Catalog Date:06/30/1998
Primary Investigator(s):Knodel, John
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:This study explores demographic behavior based on family reconstitution data for a sample of 14 German villages spanning a period from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Information available through this study is birth dates and birth places, number of siblings, marital histories, births and deaths of children, religion, family origin, and occupation.
Universe:Village genealogies of 14 German villages: Werdum, Middels, Brausen, Horinghausen, Massenhausen, Vasbeck, Oschelbronn, Grafenhausen, Herbolzheim, Kappel, Rust, Gabelbach, and Anhausen.
Related Library Holdings:Demographic Behavior in the Past: A Study of Fourteen German Village Populations in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

Die Familien der Kirchengemeinde Middels (1684 - 1950).

Die Familien der Kirchengemeinde Werdum (1662 - 1900), Part one.

Die Familien der Kirchengemeinde Werdum (1662 - 1900), Part two.

Dorf-Sippenbuch Kreuth.

Dorf-Sippenbuch Vasbeck: Kreis der Twiste, kurhessen.

Dorfsippenbuch Kappel am Rhein: Landkreis lahr in Baden.

Dorfsippenbuch Oschelbronn: Kreis Boblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg (1558 - 1962).

Nachtrag zum Ortssippenbuch Anhausen: Landkreis Augsburg.

Ortssippenbuch Gabelback: Landkreis Augsburg in Schwaben.

Ortssippenbuch Grafenhausen: Landkreis lahr in Baden.

Ortssippenbuch Rust: Geschichte des dorfes und seiner familien.

Sippenbuch der Stadt Herbolzheim: Landkreis Emmendingen in Baden.

The Economic Consequences of Disability Status: Evidence from the 1990 Panel Study of Income Dynamics.

Waldecksche Ortssippenbucher Volume 13: Braunsen.

Waldecksche Ortssippenbucher Volume 15: Horinghausen.

Waldecksche Ortssippenbucher Volume 4: Massenhausen.

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