Provider: Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Publication: Disclosure conditions

Language from Contract:
I.F. "Restricted Data" includes any data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics that might compromise the
anonymity or privacy of respondents to that study. Specifically, Restricted Data include data on vehicle model,
information about housing subsidies, a special module completed by families who may have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, and administrative links to: data on cause, location, and date of death from the National Center for Health Statistics' National Death Index; data on Medicare claims from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; data on earnings and benefits from the Social Security Administration; and data on school characteristics from the National Center for Education Statistics.

G."PSID-Geocode Match Files" are Restricted Data that include information regarding the specific
neighborhoods (Census block, block-group, Census tracts, Block Numbering Areas, Enumeration Districts, Minor Civil Divisions/Census County Divisions, Census Places, or 5-digit ZIP Codes) in which individuals or families resided, including the identification codes for the neighborhoods or any exact counts (total or for any specific
characteristic) of the number of persons, families, households, or housing units in the neighborhood.

H. "Data File" includes data made available under this Agreement, including Restricted Data, in any form,
whether on paper, CD-ROM or other electronic media.

2. Disclosure Rules (from the Data Protection Plan Requirements and Guidelines for Obtaining PSID Restricted Data)

The Data Protection Plan must carefully describe how researchers and staff members will avoid inadvertent disclosure of respondents' geographic locations or identity in all working papers, publications, and presentations.

At minimum, researchers must agree to exclude from any type of publication or presentation, the following information:

Listing of individual cases;
Description of individual cases;
Listing, description, or identification of a tract or tracts by number, by name, or by descriptive information;
Maps with any features (such as landmarks, road networks, original tract shape or physical features) that allow tracts to be identified; and
Summary statistics or tabulations that have cell sizes under 11 observations.

Detail: Found in the contract and in the data protection plan requirements