Provider: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service-Health and Retirement Study

Data Use: Stick to original research plan

Language from Contract:
FOR HRS: 10. Use of Restricted Data provided by HRS to the Investigator will be confined to the research described in the Research Plan submitted to and approved by HRS; the approved Research Plan is incorporated by reference into this Agreement

FOR CMS: 4. The User represents, and in furnishing the data file(s) specified in section 5 CMS relies upon such
representation, that such data file(s) will be used solely for the following purpose(s).
The User represents further that the facts and statements made in any study or research protocol or project plan submitted to CMS for each purpose are complete and accurate.

11. The User understands and agrees that they may not reuse original or derivative data file(s) without prior written approval from the appropriate System Manager or the person designated in section 20 of this Agreement

Detail: Will be a combination of HRS and CMS