Provider: Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Extras Administration: Return/destroy media

Language from Contract:
III.G That Receiving Institution will provide a written statement upon termination of this Agreement for any reason that all copies of the Data Files in their possession have been destroyed.

L.1-3 To return to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics all original and backup copies of Data Files, by "second day" parcel service, as follows:
1. Data Files containing Sensitive Data within 180 days of the Investigator's receipt of those Data Files.
2. Files containing information derived from Sensitive Data files, but not themselves containing Sensitive Data, and the Census Extract PSID Subset Files and any files derived therefrom, within three years of receipt of the original files but in no case more than 60 days after completion of analysis using the data.
3. Files derived from Data Files and themselves containing Sensitive Data, and originals and copies of those files, within five working days after receipt of a demand for return of such data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.

With each File returned, include a paper listing of the Data File name and the number, name, and brief description of the contents of each Data File (including whether or not the file contains Sensitive Data).