Data Contract Condition Language for:
Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research/Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys

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November 22, 2014, 11:41 pm

Data Use

Cannot merge new files w/o amendment

18. No attempt will be made to link this restricted data with any other dataset, including other datasets provided by ICPSR, unless specifically identified in the approved Application for Restricted Data.

No administrative uses of data

14. The restricted data will be used solely for the purpose of scientific and public policy research, and not for any administrative, proprietary, or law enforcement purposes

No redistribution of data

13. Copies of the restricted data or any subsequent variables or data files derived from the restricted data will not be provided to any other individual or organization without the prior written consent of the ICPSR.

Stick to original research plan

15. The restricted data will be used to generate only statistical summary information that does not allow any individual, family, household, business, or organization to be identified.

16. The restricted data will be used solely for the research project described in the Application for Restricted Data incorporated by reference into this document.

25. If changes in research plans or computer environment will alter the information originally submitted as part of this Agreement, the Restricted Data Investigator shall provide the ICPSR with a copy of the revised materials and a memorandum describing the changes in advance of the revisions. These revisions will be considered amendments to this agreement and may not be implemented until written approval is received by ICPSR.

Inspections & Penalties


29. If ICPSR determines that any aspect of this agreement has been violated, ICPSR may invoke these sanctions as it deems appropriate:

- Denial of all future access to restricted data files
-Report of the violation to the researcher's institution's office responsible for scientific integrity and misconduct, with a request that the institution's sanctions for misconduct be imposed

- Report of the violation to appropriate federal and private agencies or foundations that fund scientific and public policy research, with a recommendation that all current research funds be terminated, that future funding be denied to the investigator(s) and to all other persons involved in the violation, and that access to other restricted data be denied in the future

- Such other remedies that may be available to ICPSR under law or equity, including injunctive relief.

Legal Details

Inadvertent Discovery

17. No attempt will be made to identify any individual person, family, household, business, or organization. If an individual person, family, household, business, or organization is inadvertently identified, or if a technique for doing so is discovered, the identification or discovery will be immediately reported to ICPSR, and the identification or discovery will not be revealed to any other person who is not a signatory to this agreement.

Extras Administration


12. Access to the restricted data will be limited solely to the individuals signing this agreement and the Supplemental Agreement With Research Staff, as detailed in the approved Data Protection Plan. The data may not be "loaned" or otherwise conveyed to anyone other than the signatories to this agreement.

27. When other research staff join the project, they shall submit the Supplemental Agreement with Research Staff. Such supplemental agreements shall be submitted in a timely manner but, in any event, prior to granting other research staff access to the data on whatever media in which the data may exist.

Investigator requirements

26. A change in the employer of the Restricted Data Investigator requires the execution of a new Restricted Data Use Agreement and preparation of a new Data Protection Plan. These materials must be approved by ICPSR before restricted data may be accessed at the new place of employment.

IRB required

20. If the Receiving Organization requires a review of research proposals using secondary survey data by an Institutional Review Board/Human Subjects Review Committee or equivalent body, that review has taken place and all approvals have been granted prior to application for use of the restricted data.

Return/destroy media

23. The Restricted Data Investigator will certify to ICPSR that all originals and copies of the restricted data, on whatever media, will be destroyed at the completion of the research project described in the Application for Restricted Use Data or within 5 days of written request from the ICPSR.