Data Contract Condition Language for:
Alabama Department of Public Health: Center for Health Statistics

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August 29, 2014, 12:05 pm

Data Use

Data used for statistical purposes

A. All identifiable data obtained from the Center for Health Statistics will be used only for research and statistical purposes.

No administrative uses of data

A. . . . Furthermore, the identifiable information will not be used as a basis for legal, administrative or other actions which may directly affect those particular individuals or establishments as a result of their specific identification in this project.

E. Data will not be used to compile lists for commercial purposes.

Stick to original research plan

B. The identifiable data obtained from the Center for Health Statistics will be used only for the study proposed and the purposes described in this application. Use of the information for a research project other than the one described will not be undertaken until a separate application form for that project has been submitted and approved under the procedures established by the State Registrar.


Security plan incorporated by reference

C. A full disclosure of how the data are to be used for the storage of the data are included with this application. Procedures described will be followed exactly, or a new application will be submitted requesting approval for changes.

Extras Administration

Return/destroy media

D. Upon completion of the study or research, data files containing individual identifiers and/or certificates which have been obtained or generated for this study will be destroyed. A written statement describing how the destruction will occur is included as part of this application.