Data Contract Condition Language for:
Arizona Department of Health Services: Office of Vital Records

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September 28, 2016, 11:23 am

Data Use

Cannot merge new files w/o amendment

3. You will not attempt to link nor permit others to link the data with individually identified records in another database.

Data used for statistical purposes

1. You will not use nor permit others to use the data in any way other than for statistical reporting.

No redistribution of data

You will not release nor permit others to release the data in full or in part to any person except with the written approval of OVR.

7. . . . . you will not share your logon name and password with any other individuals. You will also not allow any other individuals to use your computer account after you have logged on with your logon name and password.


Cite/acknowledge data

8. The source of information should be cited in all publications in the following format: "Source: ADHS, Bureau of Public Health Statistics, YYYY-YYYY." ("YYYY" = 4-digit years of the date of diagnosis or years of the events.)

Legal Details

Inadvertent Discovery

5. If the identity of any person is discovered inadvertently, the the following action should be taken:
(a) No use will be made of this knowledge,
(b) OVR will be notified of the incident,
(c) You will not share the discovered identity with others.

Extras Administration

Amendments require UM signature

Attachment 1, which has to be updated annually, has a signature line for the university signer.

Annual/progress report required

Instructions for Requests:
6. All recipients of vital records public-use data must complete and sign the OVR Public-Use Data Agreement (Attachment #1) and update the agreement annually.

Expiration: Date or Length in DUA

2. You will not present / publish data in which an individual is identified. Small cell size should span large area, groupings, or time frames that make identification of an indvidual highly uncertain.