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Breaking News: Protect the 2020 Census

The Fastest Growing US Cities Are Mostly In the West

Another rule from NIH: Demographers might get to ignore this one

Research on Health Disparities: Incarceration Matters

Changing Race From One Census to the Next

Data Services Feature Story Archive

Tool for Re-Calibrating Margins of Error with ACS data: ACS Estimates Aggregator.

Family Historians: 1940 Census Data to be Released: April 2, 2012 is the 72 year release date for identifiable 1940 data.


Overview of Access Tools for Aggregate Census Data: Mini-workshop Handouts.

Tools and Techniques for Using ACS Tabular Data: Mini-Workshops: Following Wednesday Coffee [in Library].

Longitudinal Tract Data Base: Bridging data from prior years to the 2010 tract boundaries.

ArcGIS Extension for the ACS: Allows users to includes Data Quality Information.

Public Access: Digital Access From Federal Research: Request for Information.

Legacy American FactFinder will be discontinued: New American FactFinder Tutorial.

Comment Period Open: Your thoughts about IRBs: Federal Register Notice.

New Census 2010 Release: Summary File 1: SF1 Product Description.

Restricted Data Contracts Database: Tool for Data Mediators and Data Providers.

Want to create maps with New American FactFinder?: How to recreate GEOID2.

Segregation in the 100 Largest Metro Areas: Based on Census 2010 Redistricting Data.

First Look at Census 2010 Data: Redistricting data released.

Have a Question?: Check out the PSC/DSDR knowledge base.

Be Prepared: Data Management Plans: Check out PSC Resources.

Data Management Webinar - Jan 12, 2011: Register Now.

New PUMA criteria and guidelines: Deadline for comments is Feb 28, 2011.


PSC Apportionment Calculator: Give it a try.

Apportionment Results to be Released on 12-21-2010: Explore Population Dynamics via a Map Application.

PSC Apportionment Contest: Click on the Bob Head.

New Version of American FactFinder Coming in January: Want to get a head start on the New American FactFinder?

Census Bureau Releases Final Mail Participation Rates: 74% Mailed it Back!

UN Celebrates World Statistics Day - October 20, 2010: 20.10.2010.

ACS Census tract data coming: Five year data release of ACS before end of year.

The China-Mutli-Generational-Panel Data Launch: Released by Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR).

Expect the Unexpected: Apportionment Projections based on Census Bureau Estimates.

Too many researchers reluctant to share data: Felicia LeClere in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Groves speaks on status of 2010 Census: Discusses measures instituted for more accurate count.

Analyzing Poverty with the ACS: July 12 - 15, 2010: Sponsored by the National Poverty Center.

Census 2010 Video Ad Contest: Project to increase census participation among college students.


Census 2010 Boot Camp for Journalists: October 28-30, 2009: Sponsored by the McCormick Foundation.


Blexting: It isn't what you think it is: Motor City Mapping.

County-to-County Migration Flows: via the Census Flows Mapper.

The Human Fertility Collection: What more could a demographer want?

A PUMA sighting: ACS 2012 release based on new PUMA boundaries.

New Data: as a bar chart.

Widening Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Deaths: state-by-state data visualization.


Contagious Diseases in the US from 1888+: via Project Tycho Data.

The Daily Chart Advent Calendar: A round-up of the Economist's most popular infographics for 2013.

Quantitative Text Analysis: Python Training & Data: Michael vs Jacob.

Visualizing Births and Deaths in Real-Time: Statistical Simulation.

World's Biggest Data Breaches: Explore the data.

The Equality of Opportunity Project: In climbing income ladder, location matters.

How common is your birthday?: Find out with an interactive heat map.

Use the Internet Archive to access closed or previous versions of websites: Enter the Wayback Machine.

Population Change by Census Tract 2000-2010: Tract Changes.

Hospital Care Data: National, Regional, and State-Level: Microdata ($$ & DUA) or Web Tool (free).

A different type of Vital Statistics: Vital Stats on Congress.

Human Fertility Database: Latin American version.

Data Privacy Lab: How unique are you?

Net Migration Patterns for US Counties: 1950 - 2010: Amazing stability in net migration patterns.

Justice Mapping Center launches first Atlas of Criminal Justice Data: Atlas of Sentencing and Corrections.

The Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA): Election archive.

Data Privacy Day [Jan 28, 2013]: with a focus on failed anonymization.

Datavisualization Tools: A collection of tools for maps, charts, and data.


The 2012 Daily Chart Advent Calendar: From the Economist.

Harvard Election Data Archive: Sharing and Improving Election Data.

Ballot Measures Database: Find state-specific ballot measures.

1940 Census: All records are indexed by name.

Zip Code Characteristics: Dealing with Delays.

Data Quality Issues with the ACS: Why are the Margins of Error so Large?

Census Data Retrieval Tool: Summary File Tool.