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I know SAS on unix can read compressed data. Can SAS for the PC read compressed data?


Yes, it can. Here's code drawn from the SAS knowledgebase:

/* The syntax parameters for wzunzip are: /
specify the location of the downloaded add-on /
-o = overwrite existing file /
-c = display contents of file to screen /
name of zip file /
name of file inside of zip to be read /
Note the contents of the zipped file are read /
directly, no extraction is performed. /

filename foo pipe '"c:\program files\winzip\wzunzip.exe"
-o -c c:\sample015841data.zip testfile.txt';

/* The zip file, sample015841data.zip, is flat file created /
from PROC Export and SASHELP.CLASS. */

data test;
/* Use FIRSTOBS= to skip the first 8 records related to zip /
information, and the 9th record which contains a header /
record of variable names from SASHELP.CLASS. */
infile foo firstobs=10 truncover dsd;
input name :$9. sex :$1. age height weight;

proc print;

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