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FAQs by Popularity - Data Services Knowledge Base

  1. I need median household income for all zip codes in California. Where can I get access to this? [36817 web views]
  2. Do you know where I can get a zipcode-to-county crosswalk online database? I have it for the state of Michigan but now I'd like one for the entire U.S. if possible. There are certain sites that have all states, but I would not want to download the files one state at a time. [16651 web views]
  3. I need an indicator of rurality for zip codes. Are you aware of something I could use? [15936 web views]
  4. What’s the difference between a PMSA and an MSA? [12860 web views]
  5. How should I define my variables in Stata? Specifically, what are the options for character, integers and real numbers? [12618 web views]
  6. I am trying to merge a file with some restricted use items with the public use version of the data. I'm using stata. When I run the merge, I got a message saying "merge already defined." Is this because some of the variable names are the same? [9604 web views]
  7. I want to create a kml file using zip code data and boundaries. Can you point me in the right direction? [8279 web views]
  8. I am trying to merge two files using SAS and I am getting a message that says "variable stcnty has been defined as both character and numeric." The merge did not work. [8166 web views]
  9. How do I read SAS export files? [7712 web views]
  10. I have duplicate variable names in two data sets that I would like to merge using stata. Do I have to go through and change variable names? [7286 web views]
  11. I am working with a zip code file from the Census Bureau. Some of the zip codes have XX or HH in the code, e.g., 298HH. How can I get rid of these zip codes? What does the HH/XX code(s) represent anyway? [6252 web views]
  12. Can I identify the lower 9th ward in New Orleans by zip code or census tracts? [5807 web views]
  13. Why do the counts from SF1 and SF3 differ? [5526 web views]
  14. The Institute for Social Research (ISR) used to support Multiple Classification Analysis (MCA) through OSIRIS. I liked this program very much. Can you tell me if this is still available? [5154 web views]
  15. Is it possible to define metro areas by zip codes? We have a dataset with zip codes and would like to tie the respondent to the appropriate metropolitan area. [5082 web views]
  16. I know SAS on unix can read compressed data. Can SAS for the PC read compressed data? [5021 web views]
  17. I am having trouble measuring density for zip codes. I have pulled off land area and population size from the national SF1 file, but the results I'm getting are way too small. [4954 web views]
  18. Where can I look at a map of census tracts for Manhattan? I am interested in the area above 110th street. [4853 web views]
  19. Can one get data on Polish Americans from the census? [4838 web views]
  20. I am getting an error in stata “outcome does not vary” when I am trying to run a logistic regression. [4779 web views]
  21. Is the Master Address File that the Census Bureau uses for data collection public use or not? [4578 web views]
  22. The PSID is not based on a simple random sample. What variables should I use for complex sample survey variance estimation? [4573 web views]
  23. Does the American Community Survey (ACS) have data for zip codes? [4571 web views]
  24. How does one handle weights in a longitudinal analysis with differential sample attrition over time, etc? I am using selected years in the NLSY. [4506 web views]
  25. I am generating some age-specific counts for various neighborhoods to compare with data in the Research Data Center (RDC). However, I am having trouble getting these counts to agree with what previous workers on this project have generated. Can you take a look at my numbers vs the project counts for our neighborhoods? [4439 web views]
  26. I am interested to public use microdata from the Survey of Consumers. I would like it for as many years as possible. I do not know if the producers readily give this out but I know of researchers who have access to the data. [4347 web views]
  27. I want to compare the mobility of siblings in the PSID. How can I find siblings considering they no longer live in their family of origin? [4274 web views]
  28. How do I concatenate two files in SAS? [4265 web views]
  29. I am trying to match data for 2006 and 2007 from the March CPS so that I can track respondents across the two years. I downloaded the NBER matching files, but they don't seem relevant to data this recent. I also read the information about matching in the CPS codebook, but it's not clear to me how to operationalize their suggestions. Would it be possible to get some assistance with this issue? [4203 web views]
  30. The 1970 natality detail file does not have FIPS codes to identify states and counties. It has NCHS codes. Is there a crosswalk between the two? [4193 web views]
  31. How do I map a network drive? A restricted space has been set up for me on the network, but I cannot see it. [4097 web views]
  32. Can you help me find a public-use codebook for Baccalaureate and Beyond (B&B)and the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS)? [4085 web views]
  33. I need national data from Summary File 3 from the 2000 Census. I need data at the county, census tract, and block level – summary levels 40, 140, and 150). This looks like a lot of files to download for just these summary levels. Is there a better solution? [4062 web views]
  34. I am doing an analysis with the PSID and I need a very simple variable – race. Where is the race variable? [4026 web views]
  35. I need data from several years of the March Current Population Survey but notice that these data do not have set-up files associated with them. [3955 web views]
  36. Can you help me find the University of Michigan Inflation Expectation Survey? [3892 web views]
  37. I am looking for the size of the 18-19 year old population in the US over time. This must be available from the Census Bureau but I am not finding anything. [3832 web views]
  38. We were wondering if you might know of a center or individual on campus with the 2001 Canadian Census Public Use Sample. It does not appear that ICPSR has it, and Statistics Canada only appears to offer it for a fee. We might also be interested in looking at the 1996 data. [3830 web views]
  39. The Pew Hispanic Center put out a report last November with Race, age and citizenship status info from the September 2007 CPS. (See table below from report): [http://pewhispanic.org/files/reports/83.pdf](http://pewhispanic.org/files/reports/83.pdf) I didn’t know you could get race info from anything other than the March CPS. What do you know about race information available for other months? [3800 web views]
  40. We would like access to the original Indianapolis Fertility Survey (1941). Does PSC have these data? [3799 web views]
  41. I am trying to determine census tract changes between 1980 and 1990. Can you point me to something? [3781 web views]
  42. I am looking for a number of US births in each month from January 1985 to December 1994. I have looked on NCHS's website and cannot find it. Can you help me? [3778 web views]
  43. I am working with NELS data (base year, first follow-up and second follow-up). When I tried to extract the variables from raw data using the SAS setup cards provided by ICPSR, I do not get the right number of cases – way too few. [3771 web views]
  44. I want to combine two years of the March CPS to compare with data from a survey that took place over a two-year period. The survey took place in 1994 and 1995. [3771 web views]
  45. I am trying to get a sense of the American Community Survey (ACS). It is harder than I would have thought. Am I correct in thinking that annually they survey approximately 3,000K households per year? Are the samples independent of each other - e.g., 2005 and 2006? Finally, they do not seem to ask about country of birth. This seems odd although you might be able to make an estimate with ancestry and citizenship. [3760 web views]
  46. I am having trouble opening an IMF government finance statistics data file. [3746 web views]
  47. I need to know if there is a good source to look up 2000 PUMA geography via maps or lists. I need to get an idea of how different metros and counties line up with PUMAs. [3737 web views]
  48. Where can a user find GIS information concerning HIV rates? [3736 web views]
  49. I am looking for the total number of births (no rates), 1975-present, by state. I need for this to be in electronic form if possible. [3724 web views]
  50. Do you know if the 1960 census asks the same ‘where did you live 5 years ago’ question that was asked in 1970-2000? [3714 web views]
  51. The 2007 ACS data were released today. How long will it take for us to get the microdata? [3713 web views]
  52. I have a student who is trying to find time series physical capital stock from years more recent than are provided by the Penn World Table. Do you know if these data are available anywhere post-early 1990's? A search of the literature points to Nehru and Dhareshwar (1993) dataset, which can be found at http://go.worldbank.org/SR5689V6S0. [3694 web views]
  53. What does data defined person mean? It is an item in the microdata for 2000. [3685 web views]
  54. I need to know what the boundaries of metropolitan areas were at the time of the 2000 census. How are metropolitan areas defined? As an example, I need to know Albuquerque, New Mexico, Atlantic-Cape May, New Jersey, and Chicago, Illinois. [3677 web views]
  55. How can an intercensal estimate change? I have an estimate from a P-25 report for July 1, 1977 and it does not agree with what is on the Census Bureau estimation web site. [3659 web views]
  56. How does one get access to the Baccalaureate and Beyond data (public-use)? [3655 web views]
  57. I am at the Universityof Minnesota, Economics department. I am looking for the data on households income across sectors in the year 2003 in Russia. To be more precise, I need the data on low-income households employees compensation and high-income households employee compensation across sectors. If you have any idea what would be a good source, I would greatly appreciate it. [3648 web views]
  58. I downloaded a US Census Extract recently and have been running some descriptive statistics. In terms of race, Brazilian median household income immigrants mostly identify as white, "some other race" and "two or more races". I would like to find out how they classified in the latter 2 categories. Is there any way I can do this? Also, if it is just a matter of creating an extract with specific variables (e.g. "OTHER", NUMRACE), would it be possible to add these variables to my existing dataset? Or would I need to do a completely new data extract with all of the variables? [3642 web views]
  59. The PSID changed their sample in 1997 - reduced the number of original families that are included in the survey. How does this affect the weights? [3625 web views]
  60. I use NHGIS to get summary data from the census - not just historical data, but even the 2000 Census. However, when I try to get data for zip codes, I can only get data for one zip code at a time. Is there a solution for this? [3610 web views]
  61. What is the difference in the standard occupational classification system over time? [3603 web views]
  62. I would like to get a copy of the Census 1990 elderly households 8% sample dataset and codebook. Please let me know if it is available and the procedure for obtaining it. [3565 web views]
  63. Where can I find out the change in the distribution of religious denominations over time? [3558 web views]
  64. Does PSID have a value of car variable for the time period 1987-1997? [3558 web views]
  65. I am using data from selected zip codes in California for 1980 to 2000. How can I tell if the boundaries for these zip codes have remained the same? [3556 web views]
  66. I am using microdata from the 2000 Census of Population and Housing. I have found some families with a code of "0" on family income. Is this an error on the part of the Census Bureau? If not, what is the explanation? [3542 web views]
  67. How is the residence of prisoners noted on death certificates - the prison or the original home address? What about other institutional populations (dorms, hospitals, etc.)? [3521 web views]
  68. I am having trouble reading a file into SAS. SAS is complaining about the last variable in each record. If I look at it with an editor, it looks like a ^M. [3515 web views]
  69. ICPSR used to have a FastTrack service where some data were released fairly immediately – before normal ICPSR processing. I cannot seem to find this anymore. [3511 web views]
  70. I want to use the NLS97 cohort for a study of religious affiliation of youth. I am having trouble finding religious preference. [3460 web views]
  71. I am considering using Geolytics Neighborhood Change Database for some longitudinal analyses that I am doing with death certificate data geocoded at the county level. However, I am a little unclear if the NCDB has info for nonmetro counties. The documentation is a bit confusing on this point. Could you advise? [3455 web views]
  72. Can I access data from ICPSR from my home PC? My home computer is not part of the university IP pool. [3450 web views]
  73. I am looking for some software that can take an address on a single line with perhaps an error in the street name and return a corrected address with a zip code. For instance: 1501 Washtenaw Ann Arbor, MI would be corrected to: 1501 Washtenaw Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3179 [3425 web views]
  74. I need to know some characteristics of the Korean population in the United States. Is there a search term I can use to find information or do I have to come in and learn how to use the data? [3421 web views]
  75. I have looked at census data on commuting patterns, but there is no information on the characteristics of the commuters. How can I get data on commuters? I am interested in the townships surrounding Philadelphia. I also need maps that show townships for Pennsylvania. I'd like the maps to include major roads. [3409 web views]
  76. What level of geography do natality detail files go down to? [3401 web views]
  77. Do you know of a source for segregation indices that cover the 1970 to 2000 time period? I want this to be for metropolitan areas and for the measure to be a white vs black index. [3398 web views]
  78. I am a doctorate student and am interested in analyzing Add Health and NLSY data. Where can I get permission to access the data? Could I publish a paper with the data analyzed? [3383 web views]
  79. I have a zip code file that has all zip codes in the nation that I am merging to a person file. When I look at the merged file I see that there is no zip code information for the respondents who live in zip code 48103, which is a valid zip code. Why didn’t the merge work? [3375 web views]
  80. I am interested in using the "housework" question in the Canadian census. IPUMS-i has the data, but it looks like they left out that variable. [3373 web views]
  81. I want to download the 2006 ACS microdata from the Census Bureau website as a stata file. Can you point me to the location where I can do this? [3371 web views]
  82. I am trying to some mortality data for the state of Michigan and Montcalm county, Michigan from 1960 to present. We’d prefer age-adjusted figures over age-specific. Do you have any thoughts on how best to obtain these data? This is for a health disparities documentary and the data are needed immediately. [3367 web views]
  83. Is there a document or documents that compares occupation codings in the census over time . . . say 1960-2000? [3352 web views]
  84. I can not find the 2000 version of the 1990 “School District Data book." I know that there is a 2000 version, since the National Center for Education Statistics has it on their website: [http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/sdds/index.aspx](http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/sdds/index.aspx) The NCES interface is extraordinarily cumbersome to use. [3344 web views]
  85. I have an international collaborator and need to include the Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) for his institution. He does not know whether his institution has this or not. What do you suggest? [3342 web views]
  86. I am using the "Immigrants Admitted to the US" files and would like to compare my results with the statistical yearbooks that the Immigration and Naturalization service produced. I'm not finding these on the INS website. [3334 web views]
  87. I am looking for estimates of the size of the 15-44 year old female population by state for a far back as I can get it. I am trying to construct fertility rates and have births back to 1930. Even if I can not get them back to 1930, getting them back to the late 1940s would be very helpful. [3310 web views]
  88. I would like to deposit data from our research project with ICPSR. Any guidance you can give me would be appreciated. [3307 web views]
  89. I need data for all zip codes in the nation. What is the easiest way to obtain characteristics on zip codes? [3283 web views]
  90. Has anyone gotten clearance for the American's Changing Lives study, currently PI'd by Michigan researchers Jim House and Paula Lantz? We use the data because it's in-house, but if I wanted to put it in an R03 for October, would I need to go through IRB for approval? [3278 web views]
  91. I have a student looking to measure the geographic dispersion of families (at least in the U.S., and other places if possible), specifically: 1) how many families with children at home have grandparents who are out of state and 2) how many divorced parents with children at home are not co-located in the same state (e.g., child lives with one parent and the other is out of state or child spends time with each parent in separate states)." There seem to be lots of measures of an individual household's mobility (from the U.S. Census and CPS per se), and the U.S. Census even has a measure of grandparents living in the same household with children. Do you know of any nationally representative data that will fit the bill? [3273 web views]
  92. I need a reminder of how to read *.ssd01 files in SAS? [3273 web views]
  93. Is there data for Washtenaw county in the ACS yet? How many counties in Michigan are available? [3259 web views]
  94. I have a neighborhood that I define by census tracts. How can I create characteristics for these neighborhoods in SAS [3250 web views]
  95. What are the geographic areas available for the 2007 ACS? [3250 web views]
  96. Can one look at fertility in the American Community Survey (ACS)? Is there a children ever born question? [3249 web views]
  97. I am pulling race-specific county level data from the 1990 summary file data. I have to use the original summary files because neither American FactFinder or NHGIS iterate characteristics across all the race groups I need. However, I am getting strange results. I get multiple records for my counties. [3248 web views]
  98. I want to apply for the restricted version of PSID data (geocode). Can you clarify what sort of secure environment PSID requires. [3234 web views]
  99. What data allows one to tell the extent of divorce on family structure? What I mean is that lots of children live in a two parent family, but it is often a blended family, not the original set of biological parents. I want a count of the number of kids in the following living arrangements: (a) single parent; (b) married couple, with only one biological parent; (c) married couple, with both biological parents; (d) not living with either biological parent. [3231 web views]
  100. I am selecting census tract data for several counties within the US using American FactFinder. I am not able to find certain census tracts. For instance, for New York county, New York, I know there is a tract 197.01 and yet the highest tract number showing via American FactFinder is 99. [3219 web views]
  101. I have run into an ArcMap mxd file that has a cell that I am interested in joining to that is defined as 'string'. This is happening in the counties template within my ArcGIS version 9. The cell has a 5 digit value representing a state and county mixed FIPS code (i.e. 26183 ) How do I go about converting the cell to a numeric one? [3212 web views]
  102. I have some census characteristics that I want to put into GIS. However, I am having trouble doing so because the FIPS codes in my data are represented as numbers; e.g., 1 for Alabama instead of 01. Likewise, Autauga county is represented as 1 instead of 001. I need an ID variable for Autauga county, Alabama that looks like 01001. How can I convert numeric data back to text in Excel? Right now, state is in one column and county is in the next column. [3209 web views]
  103. I am looking at the life history calendar for the Chitwan Valley (Nepal) study data. The total number of observations listed is 5,271, but there are only 1,469 observations in the life history data. What is the solution? [3206 web views]
  104. The codebook for the 1972-2006 GSS does not agree with the data. The weight variables are noted as being in columns 6982-6993 and yet the data only goes to column 6801. [3206 web views]
  105. I'm interested in looking at birth weight as a measure of child well-being. I can only find this in the Child Development Supplement (CDS), but this is only available from 1997 on. [3203 web views]
  106. Do you know if the summary files include information on the US protectorates in the Pacific (Guam, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Micronesia, etc.) and the Virgin Islands? I know the Census Bureau conducts a census in these locations. [3203 web views]
  107. I am using the IPUMS data and for 1970 the only file available is the 1970 metro, form 2. Is this a 1% file? [3201 web views]
  108. I was looking at the variables in the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys (CPES) and I need to know how pregnant women are identified in the surveys. Also, how many pregnant women are in the samples? [3189 web views]
  109. I have found some estimates data on the Census Bureau website, but I have no idea how to look at it. Can you help me? [3182 web views]
  110. I am using a restricted data file that has zip codes for the geocode ID. I need to add some race-specific characteristics to the zip codes. However, zip codes are not iterated by race the way other geographies are (e.g., states, counties, census tracts). Is there a way around this? [3178 web views]
  111. I’m interested in putting in two small grant proposals over the next few weeks – and both will be completely secondary data analysis – one of the data sets (MIDUS) is available through ICPSR and the other is the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which is publicly available. What is the UM policy on public use data and IRBs? [3172 web views]
  112. What types of institutions are considered "group quarters" in the 2006 ACS? How will the inclusion of GQ affect comparisons with previous ACS? [3172 web views]
  113. How can I calculate standard errors for the ACS? [3168 web views]
  114. Is there a public use version of the ACS, similar to PUMS, with household data? Or just the interface where you get custom tables? [3157 web views]
  115. If I have a list of 1,000 latitude and longitude points can I get a report out of ArcGIS with the census tract associated with this point? [3149 web views]
  116. Do you know where I can find a list of the variables that are available in the summary files for the 2000 census down to the block level? I should know the answer to this by now. [3136 web views]
  117. Do you know anything about the National Longitudinal Mortality Study? I am interested in whether the cause of death (CAUSE) is available in the public use data. [3127 web views]
  118. I have some health areas that are defined on the basis of census tracts. When I try to get race-specific results using summary file data from the census (2000) using American FactFinder, I find that some of my census tracts are missing. I know these tracts exist. What is going on? [3108 web views]
  119. Where is the syntax window in SPSS (Version 18)? When I click on my *.sav file, it starts SPSS, but the syntax editor is no where to be seen. [3102 web views]
  120. How do I create a map using ArcGIS? [3080 web views]
  121. Why are there zero weights in the 1990 public use microdata file for the U.S. census? [3066 web views]
  122. Can you please give me an estimate of the 2006 size of the baby boomer cohort (born 1946 to 1964)? [3056 web views]
  123. I am using some data from Mexico. The questionnaire is in Spanish and there is no English translation of it. I need some help with getting this document translated. [3056 web views]
  124. I'm writing to see if you know how I can obtain a variable that indicates the "urbanicity" (a binary "urban" versus "rural" variable would be fine) of all U.S. counties. This variable should be fairly recent (around 2000 is good). I thought it would be easy to track down on the web but haven't had luck. [3055 web views]
  125. I am unsure how to merge geographic data to a file that I have. I noticed that the census tract numbers do not stand alone in the data file that I downloaded from the census and that the GEO variable is saved as a text variable so I am unable to merge my data sets using that variable. Would you be willing to show me how to link these two data sets if all I have is the census tract number? [3054 web views]
  126. I am working with the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R) and I want to know the exact sampling method, universe eligibility, etc. for the following items: TB15L: Self report of tobacco as causation of emotional problems SC21, SC22, SC23: Variables related to depression DA31B_101: Religious preference DA40: Age of mother when you were born PEA52: Personality question - “I often feel empty inside" [3054 web views]
  127. Do you know if there is a way to construct a Hispanic measure in the 1960 PUMS? I assume by the 1970 census there is a Hispanic category. Is that right? [3046 web views]
  128. What were the MSAs the Census Bureau used in the 1990 census? There is some ambiguity as to what the definitions of MSAs were for publications and tables that came out of the 1990 census. [3032 web views]
  129. I have some students working for me who are unfamiliar with statistical packages. Is there a way that they can pull off data for all census tracts in the tri-county area for Detroit? I have specific tables that I want for 1990 and 1980. [3025 web views]
  130. I downloaded the separate Cape Area Study Panel Waves 1-2-3 Household and Waves 1-2-3 Young Adult data and now I would like to merge them. How do I do that? [3021 web views]
  131. I am using data from the American Community Survey (ACS) for Monroe and Lenawee counties in Michigan. The tables from American Factfinder have margins of error for all the cells. However, if I am combining the two counties is there a way to calculate new margins of error based on this larger population? [3019 web views]
  132. What proportion of American Community Survey (ACS) interviews end up in the ACS microdata samples? [3000 web views]
  133. I am interested in the examining the American Indian populations. Do you have an idea if the ACS includes American Indians, on and off the researvations? [2982 web views]
  134. Can you remind me how to uncompress a file with a *.gz extension? [2972 web views]
  135. I want to combine the 2005 and 2006 ACS microdata. What do I do to the weights? [2966 web views]
  136. Do you know of a source of vital statistics data for the United Kingdom and Canada? My ideal data would be single years of age and cause of death for many years. [2956 web views]
  137. How do you create county level data using microdata files? [2954 web views]
  138. When will new zip code data be made available? [2952 web views]
  139. I am looking for census data by gender on age, marital status, education, employment status, income, and race for congressional districts for each Congress from the 103rd to the 110th. [2949 web views]
  140. ICPSR has the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation (EHSRE) study but it only has the public use file. Where is the restricted version of the data and what are the access conditions? [2942 web views]
  141. Do you have a quick way to access the Current Population Surveys (March supplements) prior to 1992? I am trying to get a small extract from each year, but the DataFerrett access only lets me go back to 1992. [2927 web views]
  142. Is there a way to get a count of the number of single women over 40 who moved in the past year? [2921 web views]
  143. What is the difference between OCCSOC and OCCCEN in the 2000 census (and the ACS)? [2915 web views]
  144. How do I use American FactFinder? [2915 web views]
  145. Do you know if there is any advantage for a county to be a member of a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in terms of either government funding, business opportunities or any other economic/financial advantage? [2914 web views]
  146. I need a longitudinal data file that has multiple measures of blood pressure. The sample should include women of all races. [2886 web views]
  147. How do I get a chi square? [2876 web views]
  148. Do you know of a free source for historical election returns by counties, e.g., 1972, 1976, etc. [2869 web views]
  149. I have a student who is looking for annual data for each state on the party composition of their state legislatures, specifically the percent of Democrats in state legislative chamber. [2826 web views]
  150. I need many tables from the summary census data for 1990 at the census tract and block group level. I find American FactFinder difficult to use because I can only get data for a single tract at a time. I need all census tracts and block in Los Angeles county. Is there a better solution? [2812 web views]
  151. I am trying to work with the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey Kindergarten cohort data or some other data that will allow me to look at the impact of school year length (especially long school year calendars) on student achievement. Do you know of any other sources of education data? [2809 web views]
  152. What are the sizes of the geographic units for the 2006 ACS and how are they determined? [2806 web views]
  153. I have an excel file that I want to join to an Arcmap template. My file has a 'previous sample' column that has 1 and 0 values in it. Every time I try to do the join the 'previous sample' variable is not listing in my attributes table. What is going on? [2793 web views]
  154. Where can I find data on exact dates of death? [2756 web views]
  155. Where can one get abortion data? Right now I need data for the state of New York, but I'd like to have it for all states. [2737 web views]
  156. Has anyone combined the 1999-2002 data with the 2003-2004 NHANES data? I'm using the 4yr weights for the 99-02 but I'm not sure what to do with the 2yr weights on the 2003-2004 data - there don't appear to be updates with 6yr weights. How do I handle the weights when combining 03-04 with the earlier data? [2720 web views]
  157. What are the sizes of the geographic units for the 2007 ACS and how are they determined? [2713 web views]
  158. I am trying to find a table in an old Current Population report. It is pretty tedious going through all the reports by hand. Is there a logic to these reports? [2710 web views]
  159. Where can I find out more information on the quality of the data used in the American Community Survey? [2703 web views]
  160. How can I make a map without having special software? [2641 web views]
  161. I am merging two data sets and end up with too few variables. What is going on? [2625 web views]
  162. A grad student is looking to compare birth data for specific days across several years (2000-2002) in the United States. Does anyone know where these data may be found? [2600 web views]
  163. I need historical data on life expectancy and child outcomes for Nepal and how this compares to the US historically. In other words, when did the US look like Nepal in 1970? [2582 web views]
  164. I need time series data on attitudes in New York City from 1999 to the present. [2552 web views]
  165. A student of mine is interested in a survey called the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada. Can you help her with access? [2539 web views]
  166. I am having trouble merging selected files in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). Some of the IDs are string variables and some are numeric. I am using stata. I can convert the string ID to numeric with the following command: generate HHIDNO = real(HHID); However, when I try to convert the numeric ID back to string, something is not working and thus I cannot merge with the main file where the ID is a string variable. Here is the command I used to convert the numeric ID back to a string ID: generate HHID = " " + string(HHIDNO); [2536 web views]
  167. I am interested in creating some tables from the 2006 General Social Survey. It looks like ICPSR has the data. How easy is it to make a 4-way table – Political affiliation * Age * Education * Race/Ethnicity? [2532 web views]
  168. I am confused about the different paths to access data and work areas at PSC. [2521 web views]
  169. Can a person use excel data in SAS? [2450 web views]
  170. I need more information on IPUMS. Where can I find it? [2406 web views]
  171. I have some raw data without any set-up cards. Can you remind me how to read in data with stata? [2385 web views]
  172. I have a program that I need to run from a DOS window? Where is the DOS prompt? [2347 web views]
  173. How does one find all of their STATA files in a particular space? [2344 web views]
  174. I am trying to use data from the 1980 Census (STF 2A) to pull off population counts using Table B8 for Blacks in the South Side of Chicago. If I just pull off numbers for men, I actually get the sum of the male & female counts. [2332 web views]
  175. I have a student who is interested in post-retirement employment patterns and determinants. She is very interested in looking at trends in the experience and correlates of post-retirement employment. We are thinking about using the CPS and taking advantage of the "month in sample" variables to construct some short longitudinal files so that we can estimate the prevalence and determinants of returning to work after retirement. So here are my questions: 1. If a respondent reports being retired at time t, are they asked questions about employment in subsequent interviews? 2. Do you know of any technical bulletins or such information that lays out exactly how to link respondents across the their multiple interviews? [2305 web views]
  176. I am working on a grant proposal with a colleague in the medical school. Her grants person told her that the restricted Add Health data requires a non-networked computer. Is this true? We would prefer NOT to have to include a computer in the budget if possible. [2301 web views]
  177. I need a data file that is gathered monthly so that I can examine the change in optimism for the population. I need for the data collection to have taken place in 2008. [2266 web views]
  178. I am having trouble merging person records to the household record. There are around 5,000 person records, but when I finish my merge, I end up with almost 15,000 observations. Here's my code: use "W:\youth.dta" merge hhid using "W:\hhld.dta" [2255 web views]
  179. I want to create an annual file with census-type characteristics of counties in California. What is the best source for this? This needs to be current, but I want it updated every year. [2200 web views]
  180. I need a table of poverty status and tenure for Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. However, I am defining the poor population as below 2x of the poverty line rather than the normal cutpoint. [2183 web views]
  181. I am interested in creating a contextual file for counties, places, and MCDs form 1970 - 2000. What is the best source for this? I want my items to be measured the same over time. I cannot really determine the feasibility of this with Geolytics' Neighborhood Change database. [2087 web views]
  182. Does anyone know if the Guatemalan national surveys data are freely available, or have experience acquiring this data? The Guatemalan government seems to make only the most recent year's available online. [2070 web views]
  183. How does a person compress large files in a Windows environment? [2032 web views]
  184. I am using the new 5 year ACS data to look at the number of vacant homes in Fruitport Charter Township. Table B25004 shows 111 housing units classified as “other vacant” which I have been told includes boarded up, foreclosed homes. The margin of error for this category is +/- 97 housing units. What should I do? [1974 web views]
  185. How does one read strings in SAS? For instance, if I am reading in a name like Washtenaw County in a pipe delimted file? [1966 web views]
  186. Is there a way to locate files on my system that were created after a certain date? [1925 web views]
  187. I am having trouble with SPSS. The program is not recognizing my *.sav file. [1921 web views]
  188. I have created a stata file, but when I click on it, it will not open. I can open it if I invoke stata and open it from stata, but I want to be able to click on it. What is the problem? [1911 web views]
  189. I am trying to read a SAS system file and I am failing. And, I'm losing the data I am trying to read in. [1802 web views]
  190. Can you help me convert ICPSR 9619 into SPSS? [1801 web views]
  191. I would like to merge voting district shapefiles for counties into a state file. I could do this manually in ArcGIS, but it seems like it would take a long time. Is there a solution? [1791 web views]
  192. We've had some interest on campus in developing a data archive for data generated by research performed by the college's students and faculty. We're working on developing procedures for migrating disclosure risk for human published guidance on what is an acceptable disclosure risk level. My statistical consultant informs me that it is mathematically impossible to get the disclosure risk (as measured by mu-Argus) down to 0, but nobody seems to be able to tell me what level of disclosure risk other archives consider appropriate , what level the U.S. government uses when preparing its microdata products, etc. [1780 web views]
  193. I am publishing an article based on the public use NLS79 file. Do these data need to be acknowledged like the restricted data? [1745 web views]
  194. Can one interpolate between the 2000 and 5-year ACS (2005-2009) to get characteristics of census tracts? In other words, can the 5-year data be thought of as a snapshot for 2010? [1717 web views]
  195. Do you know of a source for data on Southern Cities before World War II? I want to look at racial residential segregation during the interwar period in Houston, Little Rock, Atlanta and Raleigh. I do not want to rely on ward data, since the size, shape, and number of wards within each city changed often during this period. [1690 web views]
  196. Can you help me with historical data on rates of homicide and aggravated assault for the 1940s and 1950s for large American cities? [1659 web views]
  197. I am trying to run a SAS job on my American Community Survey file of 15 million cases. In my log file I am getting an error that reads "Insufficient space is available to run job." How do I remedy this? [1627 web views]
  198. I just downloaded the 2010 shape file for counties. When I open it the water bodies around Michigan are covered like land masses. How do I get the Great Lakes to appear as water? [1603 web views]
  199. Do you have a source for the number of undocumented migrants by state from 2000 on? [1564 web views]
  200. Is there any source that reports percent of rural population in the USA by race (1965-2010)? [1451 web views]
  201. What is up with the allocation item for earnings in the March CPS? It drops from a reasonable 22% to around 2% between 1987 and 1988. I am using data from IPUMS-CPS (qincwage). [1355 web views]
  202. I am examining the relationship between metropolitan-level foreclosure and racial residential segregation in U.S. American cities between 1990 and 2010. I am including characteristics which can be found in decennial census surveys and ACS estimates. One variable absent from these sources is the age in which the largest city in the metro reached a population size of 50,000. I was curious to know of any source that has already compiled this. [1350 web views]
  203. Where can I get exact date of birth data for the US? [1099 web views]
  204. I need access my family's response to the 1950 Census for proof of age. Can you help me? [1060 web views]
  205. I am using Social Explorer to get zip code data. I only need zip codes from the state of New Jersey. The only option through Social Explorer is requesting ZCTAs for 3-digit zip codes. How can I get 5-digit zip codes? [945 web views]
  206. Where can I find a digital version of birth data for Michigan counties, for the 1950s and 1960s? [927 web views]
  207. I have funny results for the distribution of education using 1950 IPUMS data. What am I doing wrong? [867 web views]
  208. I have census tract data from the 5 boroughs of New York City. The data do not include counties. Will this be a problem? [862 web views]
  209. I am trying to create a 2011 stata file based on a Multiple Cause of Death file. I have downloaded the data and DO files from NBER. Alas, the program isn’t working. [781 web views]
  210. I recently downloaded the Excel files [Median Household Income and Mean Household Income [2006-2010]](http://www.psc.isr.umich.edu/dis/census/Features/tract2zip/index.html). I was confused about the differences between different sheets in the file. For example, the median incomes on the "national" sheet don't match up with the median incomes on the "median" sheet. Is there a mistake? [737 web views]
  211. I am having trouble merging data from 1990 summary data at the census tract level to a crosswalk from Mable/Geocorr. [622 web views]