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Geography Resources

  1. Supporting Materials for John Knodel Thailand Data.
  2. Age-Specific Net Migration Estimates for US Counties, 1950-2010
  3. American Community Survey Reference Maps
  4. American FactFinder
  5. ArcGIS Dictionary
  6. Atlanta GIS Date and Maps
  7. Atlas of Criminal Justic Data
  8. Boston Geographic Information Systems
  9. Calculated Risk - Finance & Economics: Archive of Images and Tables
  10. CDC Wonder
  11. Census Bureau Map Products: Reference Maps
  12. Census Bureau Map Products: Thematic Maps
  13. Census Tract Crosswalks
  14. Census Tract Street Locator
  15. CensusScope
  16. Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS)
  17. Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
  18. County and City Data Books
  19. County FIPS codes, 1790 - 2010
  20. Current Population Survey
  21. Dorn Crosswalks
  22. ESRI Support Center - Knowledge Base
  23. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Geocoding System
  24. Geo.Data.gov
  25. Geographic Areas Reference Manual