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Expired IRB?

An expired IRB is serious and must be addressed immediately.

All work on the project must stop until the IRB is restored to its approved status. This means you must stop looking at output, writing programs for analysis, summarizing results, and especially collecting data. It also means that you can no longer receive salary support from federal funds associated with this IRB.

If the IRB expired because you are finished with your work you must still close out the IRB.

Follow the links below for instructions on responding to your situtation:

Expired IRB: I want to restore the IRB to approved status

Expired IRB: I want to close the IRB

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, you may contact us. If you want to ensure that your IRB does not fall into "expired" status, consider adding us to staff on your IRB. We will keep an eye on deadlines and also help you with the appropriate choices in the e-Research system.

Lisa Neidert, Phone 734-763-2203
Rhonda Moats, Phone 734-615-4606