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Data Services: Resources on Restricted Data

Search our compiled resources for materials on restricted data.

Restricted Data Support

Data Support at PSC helps researchers acquire, access, store, and use restricted use data. We have experience with many data providers and have templates of successful applications.

  • DS helps researchers navigate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) whose approval is needed to work with restricted use data.
  • DS provides administrative support for restricted data such as tracking extention deadlines, contracted personnel, media, and reporting requirements.
  • DS works with the Computing Core to establish the appropriate secure data environment.

UM Policies & Procedures

Data Services helps researchers navigate UM Policies and Procedures associated with using restricted data. This usually involves the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The following are some of the commonly requested documents or guides.

Applications & Templates

Data Services helps researchers fill out applications for restricted data. We also provides administrative support for restricted data agreements.

Secure Data Environment

Based on the demands of the data provider and data preferences, we work with the Computing core to establish a secure data environment.