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Restricted Data Support

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What we do:

Data Support at PSC helps researchers acquire, access, and store restricted use data. We have experience with many data providers and have templates of successful applications.

Appropriate use of data requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. We can help with IRB applications, scheduled continuing reviews (SCR), adverse and reportable events (ORIOs), and close-outs.

A restricted access agreement almost always is a formal contract, which requires signoff by the Office of Sponsored Projects (ORSP). Once a contract has been approved, we continue to provide administrative support to the research team, which entails keeping track of extension deadlines, personnel on the contract, media, and reporting requirements.

We work with the Computing core to establish the appropriate secure data environment. This is contingent upon the demands of the data provider and user preferences. Note that these conditions may change over the life of the contract.

Please contact us about your specific needs:

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Lisa Neidert: Phone 734-763-2203
Rhonda Moats: Phone 734-763-1346

Contact staff early and often for assistance!