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Demographic Challenges for the 21st Century: A State of the Art in Demography

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Demographic Challenges for the 21st Century: A State of the Art in Demography

Surkyn, Johan
Deboosere, Patrick
Van Bavel, Jan

Brussels: VUPRESS

Publication Year:

Conference organized as a tribute to the continuing endeavours of Prof. Dr. Em. Ron Lesthaege in the field of Demography

Call Number:
HB 849 .D468 2008

  • 1) Laudation for Ron Lesthaeghe. Frans Willekens. pp15-26.
  • 2) Does Persistent Low Fertility Threaten the Future of European Populations?. Tomas Sobotka. pp27-90.
  • 3) Education and Permanent Childlessness: Austria vs. Sweden. A Research Note. Gerda Neyer Jan M. Hoem. pp91-114.
  • 4) Recent Trends in Demographic Attitudes and Behaviour: Is the Second Demographic Transition Moving to Southern and Eastern Europe?. Aart C. Liefbroer Tineke Fokkema. pp115-142.
  • 5) Measuring International Migration: A Challenge for Demographers. Michel Poulain Nicolas Perrin. pp143-174.
  • 6) Triggering Inequality and Health Gradients: Do Health Selection Effects Matter?. Alberto Palloni Carolina Milesi Robert White Alyn Turner. pp175-210.
  • 7) The Relationship between Childhood Conditions and Older-age Health: Disease Specificity, Adult Life Course, and Period Effects. Vladimir M. Shkolnikov Dmitri Jdanov. pp211-222.
  • 8) The Challenges of Ageing: Prospects for the Family Support of Older People in 21st Century Europe. Emily Grundy. pp223-248.

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