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Gender and Ageing: Changing Roles and Relationships

Catalog Record Details


Gender and Ageing: Changing Roles and Relationships

Arber, Sara
Davidson, Kate
Ginn, Jay

Philadelphia: Open University Press

Publication Year:

Older people -- Attitudes.
Gender identity.
Middle-aged persons -- Attitudes.
Man-woman relationships.

Call Number:
HQ 1061 .G33 2003

  • 1) Changing Approaches to Gender and Later Life. Sara Arber Kate Davidson Jay Ginn. pp1-14.
  • 2) Masculinities and Care Work in Old Age. Toni Calasanti. pp15-30.
  • 3) New Identities in Ageing: Perspectives on Age, Gender and Life After Work. Eileen Fairhurst. pp31-46.
  • 4) Reconceptualizing Intimacy and Ageing: Living Apart Together. Klas Borell Sofie Ghazanfareeon Karlsson. pp47-62.
  • 5) Sex and Ageing: A Gendered Issue. Merryn Gott Sharron Hinchliff. pp63-78.
  • 6) Bringing Outsiders In: Gay and Lesbian Family Ties Over the Life Course. Ingrid Arnet Connidis. pp79-94.
  • 7) Social Networks and Social Well-Being of Older Men and Women Living Along. Jenny de Jong Gierveld. pp95-110.
  • 8) Getting By Without a Spouse: Living Arrangements and Support of Older People in Italy and Britain. Cecilia Tomassini Karen Glaser Janet Askham. pp111-126.
  • 9) Sharing the Crust? Gender, Partnership Status and Inequalities in Pension Accumulation. Debora Price Jay Ginn. pp127-147.
  • 10) Re-examining Gender and Marital Status: Material Well-Being and Social Involvement. Sara Arber Debora Price Kate Davidson Kim Perren. pp148-167.
  • 11) Exploring the Social Worlds of Older Men. Kate Davidson Tom Daly Sara Arber. pp168-185.
  • 12) Sleep as a Social Act: A Window on Gender Roles and Relationships. Jenny Hislop Sara Arber. pp186-206.

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