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The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women: Perspectives on the Pandemic in the United States

Catalog Record Details


The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women: Perspectives on the Pandemic in the United States

Goldstein, Nancy
Manlowe, Jennifer L.

New York, NY : New York University Press

Publication Year:

AIDS (Disease)--Social aspects--United States
Women--Health and hygiene--United States
AIDS (Disease)--Government policy--United States
Women's rights--United States

Call Number:
RA 644 .A25 G466 1997

  • Biomedical models of HIV and women. Rodriguez, Bill. pp25-42.
  • Barriers to the inclusion of women in research and clinical trials. McGovern, Theresa. pp43-62.
  • Caught in the crossfire: women and the search for the magic bullet. Murrain, Michelle. pp63-73.
  • Adolescent underrepresentation in clinical AIDS research. Barnhart, Kate. pp74-85.
  • Lesbians and the medical profession: HIV/AIDS and the pursuit of visibility. Goldstein, Nancy. pp86-110.
  • Seeing AIDS: race, gender, and representation. Hammonds, Evelynn M.. pp113-126.
  • "Si, tenemos sexo con mujeres pero no somos marimachas."(Sure, we have sex with women, but we're not lesbians): sexual diversity in the Los Angeles Latina Community--ethnographic findings, 1987-95. Ramos, Laura J.. pp127-154.
  • Midlife and older women and HIV/AIDS: my (grand)mother wouldn't do that. Siegal, Diana Laskin Burke, Christie. pp155-167.
  • HIV/AIDS and Asian and Pacific Islander women. Wilkinson, Willy. pp168-187.
  • Interpersonal power and women's HIV risk. Quina, Kathryn, et al.. pp188-206.
  • Hitting hard: HIV and violence. Zierler, Sally. pp207-221.
  • Put her in a cage: childhood sexual abuse, incarceration, and HIV infection. Cuccinelli, Debi De Groot, Anne S.. pp222-241.
  • Women, violence, and HIV/AIDS. Monti-Catania, Diane. pp242-251.
  • Social context and HIV: testing and treatment issues among commercial street sex workers. Blankenship, Kim. pp252-269.
  • Healing from within: women, HIV/ AIDS, and the African-American church. Johnson, Carol (Reverend). pp273-281.
  • The bond is called Blackness: Black women and AIDS. Battle, Sheila. pp282-291.
  • Coming to their own rescue: teens teach teens about HIV. Brand, Nina. pp292-301.
  • Haitian teens confront AIDS: a partners in health program on social justice and AIDS prevention. Viaud, Loune Farmer, Paul Nicoleau, Guitele. pp302-322.
  • HIV does not erase desire: addressing the sexual and reproductive concerns of women with HIV/AIDS. Denenberg, Risa. pp323-336.
  • Native women living beyond HIV/AIDS infection. Burhansstipanov, Linda, et al.. pp337-356.
  • Can needle exchange better serve women?. Khoshnood, Kaveh Stephens, P. Clay. pp357-372.
  • Leather, lace, and latex: safer sex for women. Ribble, Denise J.. pp373-384.
  • Gender, freedom, and safety: does the U.S. have anything to learn from Cuban AIDS policy?. Manlowe, Jennifer L.. pp385-400.
  • Women with AIDS speak out. various. pp403-450.

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