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The Handbook of Qualitative Research

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The Handbook of Qualitative Research

Denzin, Norman K.
Lincoln,Yvonna S.

Second edition

Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publications, Inc

Publication Year:

Social sciences--Research

Call Number:
H 62 .H2455 2000

  • Introduction: the discipline and practice of qualitative research. Denzin, Norman K. Lincoln, Yvonna S.. pp1-28.
  • Qualitative methods: their history in sociology and anthropology. Vidich, Arthur J. Lyman, Stanford M.. pp37-84.
  • Reconstructing the relationships between universities and society through action research. Greenwood, Davydd J. Levin, Morton. pp85-106.
  • For whom? Qualitative research, representations, and social responsibilities. Fine, Michelle, et al.. pp107-131.
  • Ethics and politics in qualitative research. Christians, Clifford J.. pp133-155.
  • Paradigmatic controversies, contradictions, and emerging confluences. Lincoln, Yvonna S. Guba, Egon G.. pp163-188.
  • Three epistemologigal stances for qualitative inquiry: interpretivism, hermeneutics, and social constructionism. Schwandt, Thomas A.. pp189-213.
  • Feminisms and qualitative research at and into the millenium. Olesen, Virginia L.. pp215-255.
  • Racialized discourses and ethnic epistemologies. Ladson-Billings, Gloria. pp257-277.
  • Rethinking critical theory and qualitative research. Kincheloe, Joe L. McLaren, Peter. pp279-313.
  • Cultural studies. Frow, John Morris, Meaghan. pp315-346.
  • Sexualities, queer theory, and qualitative research. Gamson, Joshua. pp347-365.
  • The choreography of qualitative research design: minuets, improvisations, and crystallization. Janesick, Valerie J.. pp379-399.
  • An untold story? Doing funded qualitative research. Cheek, Julianne. pp401-420.
  • Performance ethnography: a brief history and some advice. McCall, Michal M.. pp421-433.
  • Case studies. Stake, Robert E.. pp435-454.
  • Ethnography and ethnographic representation. Tedlock, Barbara. pp455-486.
  • Analyzing interpretive practice. Gubrium, Jaber F. Holstein, James A.. pp487-508.
  • Grounded theory: objectivist and constructivist methods. Charmaz, Kathy. pp509-535.
  • Undaunted courage: life history and the postmodern challenge. Tierney, William G.. pp537-553.
  • Testimonio, subalternity, and narrative authority. Beverly, John. pp555-565.
  • Participatory action research. Kemmis, Stephen McTaggart, Robin. pp567-605.
  • Clinical research. Miller, William L. Crabtree, Benjamin F.. pp607-631.
  • The interview: from structured questions to negotiated text. Fontana, Andrea Frey, James H.. pp645-672.
  • Rethinking observation: rrom method to context. Angrosino, Michael V. Mays de Perez, Kimberly A.. pp673-702.
  • The interpretation of documents and material culture. Hodder, Ian. pp703-715.
  • Reimagining visual methods: Galileo to Neuromancer. Harper, Douglas. pp717-732.
  • Autoethnography, personal narrative, reflexivity: researcher as subject. Ellis, Carolyn Bochner, Arthur P.. pp733-768.
  • Data management and analysis methods. Ryan, Gery W. Bernard, H. Russell. pp769-802.
  • Software and qualitative research. Weitzman, Eben A.. pp803-820.
  • Analyzing talk and text. Silverman, David. pp821-834.
  • Focus groups in feminist research. Madriz, Esther. pp835-850.
  • Applied ethnography. Chambers, Erve. pp851-869.
  • The problem of criteria in the age of relativism. Smith, John K. Deemer, Deborah K.. pp877-896.
  • The practices and politics of interpretation. Denzin, Norman K.. pp897-922.
  • Writing: a method of inquiry. Richardson, Laurel. pp923-948.
  • Anthropological poetics. Brady, Ivan. pp949-979.
  • Understanding social programs through evaluation. Greene, Jennifer C.. pp981-999.
  • Influencing the policy process with qualitative research. Rist, Ray C.. pp1001-1017.
  • Qualitative inquiry: tensions and transformations. Gergen, Mary M. Gergen, Kenneth J.. pp1025-1046.
  • The seventh moment: out of the past. Lincoln, Yvonna S. Denzin, Norman K.. pp1047-1065.
  • Introduction: The Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research. Denzin, Norman K. Lincoln, Yvonna S.. pp1-29.

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