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Handbook of Population and Family Economics, vol. 1A and 1B

Catalog Record Details


Handbook of Population and Family Economics, vol. 1A and 1B

Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Stark, Oded

Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier Science

Publication Year:

Call Number:
HB 849.41 .H25 1997

  • Introduction: population and family economics. Rosenzweig, Mark R. Stark, Oded. pp1-17.
  • A survey of theories of the family. Bergstrom, Theodore C.. pp21-79.
  • The formation and dissolution of families: why marry? Who marries whom? And what happens upon divorce. Weiss, Yoram. pp81-123.
  • Intrahousehold distribution and the family. Behrman, Jere R.. pp125-187.
  • Intergenerational and interhousehold economic links. Laitner, John. pp189-238.
  • The cost of children and the use of demographic variables in consumer demand. Van Praag, Bernard M.S. Warnaar, Marcel F.. pp241-273.
  • The economics of fertility in developed countries. Hotz, V. Joseph Klerman, Jacob Alex Willis, Robert J.. pp275-347.
  • Demand for children in low income countries. Schultz, T. Paul. pp349-430.
  • New findings on secular trends in nutrition and mortality: some implications for population theory. Fogel, Robert William. pp433-481.
  • Determinants and consequences of the mortality and health of infants and children. Wolpin, Kenneth I.. pp483-557.
  • Mortality and morbidity among adults and the elderly. Sickles, Robin C. Taubman, Paul. pp559-643.
  • Internal migration in developed countries. Greenwood, Michael J.. pp647-720.
  • Internal migration in developing countries. Lucas, Robert E.B.. pp721-798.
  • Economic impact of international migration and the economic performance of migrants. Lalonde, Robert J. Topel, Robert H.. pp799-850.
  • International migration and international trade. Razin, Assaf Sadka, Efraim. pp851-887.
  • The economics of individual aging. Hurd, Michael D.. pp891-966.
  • The economics of population aging. Weil, David N.. pp967-1014.
  • Demographic variables and income inequality. Lam, David. pp1015-1059.
  • Population dynamics: equilibrium, disequilibrium, and consequences of fluctuations. Lee, Ronald D.. pp1016-1115.
  • Growth models with endogenous population: a general framework. Nerlove, Marc Raut, Lakshmi K.. pp1117-1174.
  • Long-term consequences of population growth: technological change, natural resources, and the environment. Robinson, James A. Srinivasan, T.N.. pp1175-1298.

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