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Handbook of Marriage and the Family

Catalog Record Details


Handbook of Marriage and the Family

Sussman, Marvin B.
Steinmetz, Suzanne K.
Peterson, Gary W.

Second edition.

New York, NY : Plenum Press

Publication Year:

Family--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Life Cycle. Human--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Marriage--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Call Number:
HQ 518 .H154 1999

  • Historical analysis of the family. Cooper, Sheila McIssac. pp13-37.
  • Demography and Families. Teachman, Jay D. Polonko, Karen A. Scanzoni, John. pp39-76.
  • Cross-Cultural and U.S. Kinship. Adams, Bert N.. pp77-91.
  • Comparative Perspectives. Lee, Gary R.. pp93-110.
  • Ethnic Variation in the Family: The Elusive Trend toward Convergence. Robet Aponte (with Bruce A. Beal and Michelle E. Jiles). pp111-141.
  • The Future of Families. Settles, Barbara H.. pp143-175.
  • Classical Social Theory and Family Studies: The Triumph of Reactionary Thought in Contemporary Family Studies. Vargus, Brian S.. pp179-204.
  • Postmodernism and Family Theory. Doherty, William J.. pp205-217.
  • Methodological Pluralism and Qualitative Family Research. Gilgun, Jane F.. pp219-261.
  • Quantitative Methodology for Studying Families. Acock, Alan C.. pp263-289.
  • Measurement in Family Studies. Schumm, Walter R. Hemesath, Karla K.. pp291-305.
  • Contemporary Family Patterns and Relationships. DeFrain, John Olson, David H.. pp309-326.
  • Socializing Children and Parents in Families. Peterson, Gary W. Hann, Della. pp327-370.
  • Adolescence in Contemporary Families. Steinmetz, Suzanne K.. pp371-423.
  • Family Relations in Adulthood. Treas, Judith Lawton, Leora. pp425-438.
  • Gender and Family Relationships. Walker, Alexis J.. pp439-474.
  • Marital Dissolution: Divorce, Separation, Annulment, and Widowhood. Faust, Kimberly A. McKibben, Jerome N.. pp475-499.
  • Families and Religions. Wittberg, Patricia. pp503-523.
  • Economics and the Family. Carlin, Paul S.. pp525-552.
  • American Families and American Law. Rosen, David M.. pp553-570.
  • Families and Work. Haas, Linda. pp571-612.
  • Exploring Family and Health Relationships: The Role of Genetics, Environment, and Culture. Crews, Douglas E. Balcazar, Hector. pp613-631.
  • Strengthening Families: Policy Issues for the Twenty-First Century. Moen, Phyllis Forest, Kay B.. pp633-663.
  • Family Dynamics: An Essay on Conflict and Power. Sprey, Jetse. pp667-685.
  • Family Communication. Whitchurch, Gail G. Dickson, Fran C.. pp687-704.
  • Family Abuse and Violence. Miller, JoAnn Langley Knudsen, Dean D. Copenhaver, Stacey. pp705-741.
  • Human Sexuality. Francoeur, Robert T. Hendrixson, Linda L.. pp743-766.
  • Theories and Techniques of Marital and Family Therapy. Kaslow, Nadine J. Kaslow, Florence W. Farber, Eugene W.. pp767-792.

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