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The Well-Being of Children and Families: Research and Data Needs

Catalog Record Details


The Well-Being of Children and Families: Research and Data Needs

Thornton, Arland

Ann Arbor, MI : University of Michigan Press

Publication Year:

Child welfare

Call Number:
HQ 767.9 .W455 2001

Alternate Location:
PSC Authors

  • Introduction and overview. Thornton, Arland. pp3-27.
  • A Few Cautionary Tales from the History of Longitudinal Research in America. Modell, John. pp28-56.
  • What Are Good Child Outcomes?. Moore, Kristin A. Evans, V. Jeffery Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne Roth, Jodie. pp59-84.
  • Monitoring Child Health an dWell-Being in Large Population Surveys. Runyan, Desmond K.. pp85-102.
  • Compelling Family Processes. Day, Randal D. Gavazzi, Stephen Acock, Alan. pp103-126.
  • Rethinking Family Structure and Single Parenthood: Implications for Future Studies of African-American Families and Children. Burton, Linda M. Jayakody, Rukmalie. pp127-153.
  • Behavioral Genetic Research Designs and Social Policy Studies. Rowe, David C. Teachman, Jay. pp157-187.
  • Stress Physiology, Health, and Behavioral Development. Gunnar, Megan R. Bruce, Jacqueline Donzella, Bonny. pp188-212.
  • Values and Beliefs in the Lives of Children and Families. Thornton, Arland Axinn, William G. Fricke, Tom Alwin, Duane F.. pp215-243.
  • Cultural Influences on Children's and Families' Well-Being. Coll, Cynthia Garcia. pp244-261.
  • Economic Perspectives on Altruism and the Family. Peters, H. Elizabeth Unur, A. Sinan. pp262-291.
  • Marriage, Divorce, and Intergenerational Relationships. Bumpass, Larry Sweet, James. pp295-313.
  • Bargaining and Distribution in Families. Lundberg, Shelly Pollak, Robert A.. pp314-338.
  • Schools, Teachers, and Parents. Stevenson, Harold W.. pp341-355.
  • Getting Context Right in Quantitative Studies of Child Development. Duncan, Greg J. Raudenbush, Stephen. pp356-383.
  • Public Policy and Family and Child Well-Being. Hofferth, Sandra Phillips, Deborah Cabrera, Natasha. pp284-418.
  • Using community Data to Improve Analysis of How Child Well-Being Is Produced. Schultz, T. Paul. pp416-433.
  • Recommendations. Thornton, Arland, et al.. pp437-488.

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