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Just Living Together: Implications of Cohabitation on Families, Children, and Social Policy

Catalog Record Details


Just Living Together: Implications of Cohabitation on Families, Children, and Social Policy

Booth, Alan
Crouter, Ann C.

Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Publication Year:

Unmarried couples
Family policy
Child development

Call Number:
HQ 803.5 .J87 2001

  • Cohabitation in Western Europe: Trends, Issues, and Implications. Kiernan, Kathleen. pp3-32.
  • Contemporary Cohabitation: Food for Thought. Landale, Nancy S.. pp33-41.
  • (Re)Envisioning Cohabitation: A Commentary on Race, History, and Culture. Hunter, Andrea G.. pp41-50.
  • Cohabitation in Contemporary North America. Smock, Pamela J. Gupta, Sanjiv. pp53-84.
  • What Are the Choices for Low-Income Families?: Cohabitation, Marriage, and Remaining Single. Jayokody, Rukmalie Cabrera, Natasha. pp85-96.
  • What Mothers Teach, What Daughters Learn: Gender Mistrust and Self-Sufficiency Among Low-Income Women. Coley, Rebekah Levine. pp97-106.
  • The Impact of Cohabitation on the Family Life Course in Contemporary North America: Insights From Across the Border. Le Bourdais, Celine Juby, Heather. pp107-118.
  • The Implications of Cohabitation for Children's Well-Being. Manning, Wendy D.. pp121-152.
  • Cohabitation and Child Development. Kalil, Ariel. pp153-161.
  • Of Fathers and Pheromones: Implications of Cohabitation for Daughters' Pubertal Timing. Ellis, Bruce J.. pp161-172.
  • Child Well-Being in Cohabiting Families. Brown, Susan L.. pp173-188.
  • Safety Net Programs, Marriage, and Cohabitation. Primus, Wendell E. Beeson, Jennifer. pp191-228.
  • Federal Social Policy, Cohabitation, and Marriage. Haskins, Ron. pp229-236.
  • The Complexity of Tax and Transfer Program Rules Regarding Cohabitation: Challenges and Implications. Winkler, Anne E.. pp237-246.
  • The Economic Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Cohabitants. Mahoney, Margaret M.. pp247-254.
  • What Does it Mean to Be "Just Living Together" in the New Millennium? An Overview. Hoelter, Lynette F. Stauffer, Dawn E.. pp255-271.

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