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Social Science and Policy-Making: A Search for Relevance in the Twentieth Century

Catalog Record Details


Social Science and Policy-Making: A Search for Relevance in the Twentieth Century

Featherman, David L.
Vinovskis, Maris A.

Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press

Publication Year:

Policy sciences
United States -- Social policy

Call Number:
H 97 .S6291 2001

  • In Search of Relevance to Social Reform and Policy-Making. Featherman, David L. Vinovskis, Maris A.. pp1-15.
  • Knowledge for the Public Good: The Emergence of Social Sciences and Social Reform in Late-Nineteenth-and Early-Twentieth -Century America, 1880-1940. Bulmer, Martin. pp16-39.
  • Growth and Use of Social and Behavioral Science in the Federal Government since World War II. Featherman, David L. Vinovskis, Maris A.. pp40-82.
  • Designing Head Start: Roles Played by Developmental Psychologists. White, Sheldon H. Phillips, Deborah A.. pp83-118.
  • Policy, Aging, and the Graying of Society. Achenbaum, W. Andrew. pp119-136.
  • Welfare Reform at the State Level: The Role of Social Experiments and Demonstrations. Gueron, Judith M.. pp165-186.
  • Welfare Reform Policy from Nixon to Clinton: What Role for Social Science?. Danziger, Sheldon. pp137-164.
  • The Making and Analysis of Public Policy: A Perspective on the Role of Social Science. Lynn, Laurence E. Jr.. pp187-218.

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