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Handbook of Interview Research: Context & Method

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Handbook of Interview Research: Context & Method

Gubrium, Jaber F.
Holstein, James A.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Publication Year:

Interviewing-Hanbooks, manuals, et.

Call Number:
H 61.28 .H36 2001

  • From the Individual Interview to the Interview Society. Gubrium, Jaber F. Holstein, James A.. pp3-32.
  • The History of the Interview. Platt, Jennifer. pp33-54.
  • Survey Interviewing. Singleton, Royce A, Jr. Straits, Bruce C.. pp59-82.
  • Qualitative Interviewing. Warren, Carol A. B.. pp83-102.
  • In-Depth Interviewing. Johnson, John M.. pp103-120.
  • The Life Story Interview. Atkinson, Robert. pp121-140.
  • Focus Group Interviewing. Morgan, David L.. pp141-160.
  • Postmodern Trends in Interviewing. Fontana, Andrea. pp161-176.
  • Interviewing Children and Adolescents. Eder, Donna Fingerson, Laura. pp177-180.
  • Interviewing Men. Schwalbe, Michael L. Wolkomir, Michelle. pp181-202.
  • Interviewing Women. Reinharz, Shulamit Chase, Susan E.. pp221-238.
  • Queering the Interview. Kong, Travis S. K. Mahoney, Dan Plummer, Hen. pp239-258.
  • Interviewing Older People. Wenger, G. Clare. pp259-278.
  • Race, Subjectivity, and the Interview Process. Dunbar, Christopher, Jr. Rodriguez, Dalia Parker, Laurence. pp276-298.
  • Interviewing Elites. Odendahl, Teresa Shaw, Aileen M.. pp299-316.
  • Interviewing the Ill. Morse, Janice M.. pp317-330.
  • Cross-Cultural Interviewing. Ryen, Anne. pp335-354.
  • Interviewing in Medical Settings. Zoppi, Kathleen A. Epstein, Ronald M.. pp355-384.
  • Therapy Interviewing. Miller, Gale de Shazer, Steve De Jong, Peter. pp385-410.
  • Journalistic Interviewing. Altheide, David L.. pp411-430.
  • Forensic Investigative Interviewing. McKenzie, Ian K.. pp431-452.
  • Interviewing in Education. Tierney, William G. Dilley, Patrick. pp453-472.
  • Context and the Employment Interview. Latham, Gary P. Millman, Zeeva. pp473-486.
  • Elicitation Techniques for Interviewing. Johnson, Jeffrey C. Weller, Susan C.. pp491-514.
  • The Reluctant Respondent. Adler, Patricia A. Adler, Peter. pp515-536.
  • In-Person versus Telephone Interviewing. Shuy, Roger W.. pp537-556.
  • Computer-Assisted Interviewing. Couper, Mick P. Hansen, Sue Ellen . pp557-576.
  • Standardization and Interaction in the Survey Interview. Schaeffer, Nora Cate Maynard, Douglas W.. pp577-602.
  • Internet Interviewing. Mann, Chris Stewart, Fiona. pp303-629.
  • Transcription Quality. Poland, Blake D.. pp629-650.
  • Computer-Assisted Analysis of Qualitative Interview Data. Seale, Clive F.. pp651-670.
  • Qualitative Interviewing and Grounded Theory Analysis. Charmaz, Kathy. pp675-694.
  • Analysis of Personal Narratives. Riessman, Catherine Kohler. pp695-710.
  • Analytic Strategies for Oral History Interviews. Smith, Richard Candida. pp711-732.
  • Narrative, Interviews, and Organizations. Czarniawska, Barbara. pp733-750.
  • Institutional Ethnography: Using Interviews to Investigate Ruling Relations. DeVault, Marjorie L. McCoy, Liza. pp751-776.
  • Ethnomethodological Analyses of Interviews. Baker, Carolyn D.. pp777-796.
  • Revisiting the Relationship between Participant Observation and Interviewing. Atkinson, Paul Coffey, Amanda. pp801-814.
  • Personal and Folk Narrative as Cultural Representation. Narayan, Kirin George, Kenneth M.. pp815-832.
  • The Cinematic Society and the Reflexive Interview. Denzin, Norman K.. pp833-848.
  • Their Story/My Story/Our Story: Including the Researcher's Experience in Interview Research. Ellis, Carolyn Berger, Leigh. pp849-876.
  • Poetic Representation of Interviews. Richardson, Laurel. pp877-891.
  • Interviewing at the Border of Fact and Fiction. Rosenblatt, Paul C.. pp893-910.
  • Interviewing, Power/Knowledge, and Social Inequality. Briggs, Charles L.. pp911-922.

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