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The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia: A Four-Country Comparative Study

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The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia: A Four-Country Comparative Study

Hermalin, Albert I.

Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press

Publication Year:

Copy 1

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Aged -- Asia -- Social conditions
Aged -- Asia -- Economic conditions
Aged -- Care -- Asia
Quality of life -- Asia
Intergenerational relations -- Asia
Social change -- Asia

Call Number:
HQ 1064 .A78 .W3 2002

  • Aging in Asia: Facing the Crossroads. Hermalin, Albert I. Myers, Lora G.. pp1-24.
  • The Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Context of the Four Study Countries. Knodel, John Ofstedal, Mary Beth Hermalin, Albert I.. pp25-64.
  • Policies and Programs in Place and under Development. Ofstedal, Mary Beth Chan, Angelique Chayovan, Napaporn Chuang, Yi-Li Perez, Aurora Mehta, Kalyani Hermalin, Albert I.. pp65-100.
  • Theoretical Perspecives, Measurement Issues, and Related Research. Hermalin, Albert I.. pp101-142.
  • Patterns and Determinants of Living Arrangements. Knodel, John Ofstedal, Mary Beth. pp143-185.
  • Intergenerational Support and Transfers. Biddlecom, Anne Chayovan, Napaporn Ofstedal, Mary Beth. pp185-230.
  • Work, Retirement and Leisure. Hermalin, Albert I. Chan, Angelique Biddlecom, Anne Ofstedal, Mary Beth. pp231-294.
  • Economic Well-Being: Insights from Multiple Measures of Income and Assets. Hermalin, Albert I. Chang, Ming-Cheng Roan, Carol. pp295-360.
  • Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly. Zimmer, Zachary Natividad, Josefina N. Ofstedal, Mary Beth Lin, Hui-Sheng. pp361-412.
  • Patterns of Health Care Utilization. Ofstedal, Mary Beth Natividad, Josefina N.. pp413-460.
  • The Vulnerable and Their Potential Disadvantages. Hermalin, Albert I. Ofstedal, Mary Beth Mehta, Kalyani. pp461-518.
  • Capturing Change: Transitions at Older Ages and Cohort Succession. Hermalin, Albert I.. pp519-542.
  • Making the Choices: Policies and Research for the Coming Years. Hermalin, Albert I.. pp543-582.

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