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Offspring: Human Fertility Behavior in Biodemographic Perspective

Catalog Record Details


Offspring: Human Fertility Behavior in Biodemographic Perspective

Wachter, Kenneth W.
Bulatao, Rodolfo A.

Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press

Publication Year:

Workshop on the Biodemography of Fertility and Family Behavior

Fertility, Human

Call Number:
QP 251 .W665 2003

  • Biodemography of Fertility and Family Formation. Wachter, Kenneth W.. pp1-17.
  • Education, Fertility , and Heritability: Explaining a Paradox. Kohler, Hans-Peter Rodgers, Joseph L.. pp46-90.
  • The Neural Basis of Pair Bonding in a Monogamous Species: A Model for Understanding the Biological Basis of Human Behavior. Young, Larry J.. pp91-103.
  • Hormonal Mediation of Physiological and Behavioral Processes That Influence Fertility. Cameron, Judy L.. pp104-139.
  • Intraspecific Variability in Fertility and Offspring Survival in a Nonhuman Primate: Behavioral Control of Ecological and Social Sources. Altmann, Jeanne Alberts, Susan C.. pp140-169.
  • An Evolutionary and Ecological Analysis of Human Fertility, Mating Patterns, and Parental Investment. Kaplan, Hillard S. Lancaster, Jane B.. pp170-223.
  • Sexually Antagonistic Coevolution: Theory, Evidence, and Implications for Patterns of Human Mating and Fertility. Gangestad, Steven W.. pp224-259.
  • Pubertal Maturation, Andrenarche, and the Onset of Reproduction in Human Males. Campbell, Benjamin. pp260-288.
  • Energetics, Sociality, and Human Reproduction: Life History Theory in Real Life. Worthman, Carol M.. pp289-321.
  • Evolutionary Biology and Rational Choice in Models of Fertility. Lam, David. pp322-338.
  • Reflections on Demographic, Evolutionary, and Genetic Approaches to the Study of Human Reproductive Behavior. Hobcraft, John N.. pp339-357.
  • Genetic Influences on Fertility: Strengths and Limitations of Quantitative Inferences. Rutter, Michael L.. pp18-45.

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