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Handbook of Developmental Psychology

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ISR Material

Handbook of Developmental Psychology

Wolman, Benjamin B.

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall

Publication Year:

Call Number:
BF 713 .H3631 1982

  • Cognitive Theory. Diamond, Nina. pp3-22.
  • Psychoanalytic Approaches to Developmental Psychology. Noam, Gil G. O'Connell Higgins Regina Geothals, George W.. pp23-43.
  • Interactional Theory. Wolman, Benjamin B.. pp44-53.
  • Issues in Life-Span Development. Labouvie, Erich W.. pp54-62.
  • Primate Infancy: Problems and Developmental Strategies. Schwartz, Gary G. Rosenblum, Leonard A.. pp63-75.
  • Cross- Cultural Research and Theory. Loeb Adler, Leonore. pp76-90.
  • Longitudinal Methods. Warner Schaie, K. Hertzog, Christopher. pp91-115.
  • The Naturalistic Perspective in Research. Willems, Edwin P. Alexander, James L.. pp116-132.
  • The Study of Human Change: Measurement, Research Strategies and Methods of Analysis. Nunnally, Jum C.. pp133-148.
  • The Ethics and Regulation of Research involving Children. Cooke, Robert A.. pp149-172.
  • Prenatal Influences on Human Development. Stechler, Gerald Halton, Antonia. pp175-189.
  • Infant-Mother Attachment: Theory, Assessment, and Implications for Development. Joffe, Lyle Steven Vaughn, Brian E.. pp190-207.
  • The Nature-Nurture Issue and the Integrating Concept of Function. Weisfeld, Glenn E.. pp208-229.
  • The Psychophysiology of Infancy. Hirschman, Richard Melamed, Lawrence E. Oliver, Constance M.. pp230-243.
  • Infant Perception. Acredolo, Linda P. Hake, Janet L.. pp244-283.
  • Early Social Development. Hodapp, Robert M. Mueller, Edward. pp284-300.
  • Early Language Development. Molfese, Dennis L. Molfese, Victoria J. Carrell, Patricia L.. pp301-322.
  • Cognitive Development in Infancy. Petersen, Gail A.. pp323-330.
  • The Development of Cognitive Skills during Childhood. Paris, Scott G. Lindauer, Barbara K.. pp333-349.
  • Memory in Childhood. Kail, Robert Hagen, John William. pp350-366.
  • Language Development. Whitehurst, Grover J.. pp367-386.
  • Social-Cognitive Development. Chandler, Michael Boyes, Michael. pp387-402.
  • Sex Differentiation and the Development of Sex Roles. Shepard-Look, Dee L.. pp403-433.
  • Moral Development. Carroll, James L. Rest, James R.. pp434-451.
  • The Impact of Schools on Social and Emotional Development. Busch-Rossnagel, Nancy A. Vance, Annette K.. pp452-467.
  • Physical Growth in Adolescence. Chumela, WM. Cameron. pp471-485.
  • Adolescent Thought: Transition to Formal Operations. Neimark, Edith D.. pp486-502.
  • Social Behavior in Adolescence. Lerner, Richard M. Shea, Judy A.. pp503-525.
  • The Peer Group. Newman, Philip R.. pp526-536.
  • Personality Development in Adolescence. Siegel, Ozzie. pp537-548.
  • Attitudes and Values during Adolescence. McKinney, John Paul Moore, Dewayne. pp549-558.
  • Sexuality during Adolescence. Dreyer, Philip H.. pp559-601.
  • Vocational Role Development in Adolescence. Vondracek, Fred W. Lerner, Richard M.. pp602-614.
  • Mid-Life Development. Newman, Barbara M.. pp617-635.
  • The Life-Cycle Approach to Family Analysis. Nock, Steven L.. pp636-651.
  • Marital Choice. Murstein, Bernard I.. pp652-666.
  • Marriage and the Family. Doherty, William J. Jacobson, Neil S.. pp667-680.
  • Motherhood. Field, Tiffany Martini Widmayer, Susan M.. pp681-701.
  • Fatherhood: Implications for Child and Adult Development. Biller, Henry B.. pp702-725.
  • Adult Sexual Development. Broderick, Carlfred B.. pp726-733.
  • Divorce: The Adult Perspective. Kelly, Joan Berlin. pp734-750.
  • Child Effects on Parents. Zeits, Carol R. Prince, Robert M.. pp751-770.
  • The World of Work. Havighurst, Robert J.. pp771-787.
  • Old Age and Biobehavioral Changes. La Rue, Asenath Jarvik, Lissy F.. pp791-806.
  • Aging and Cognitive Changes. Wadsworth Denney, Nancy. pp807-827.
  • Learning and Memory in Later Life. Labouvie-Vief, Gisela Schell, David A.. pp828-846.
  • The Aging on Human Abilities. Horn, John L.. pp847-870.
  • Social Behavior and Aging. Kahana, Boaz. pp871-889.
  • Intergenerational Relations throughout the Life Span. Troll, Lillian E. Bengtson, Vern. pp890-911.
  • Sex-Related Differences in Aging. Turner, Barbara F.. pp912-936.

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