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Mate Selection Across Cultures

Catalog Record Details


Mate Selection Across Cultures

Hamon, Raeann R.
Ingoldsby, Bron B.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

Publication Year:

Mate selection -- Cross-cultural studies
Marriage -- Cross-cultural studies

Call Number:
HQ 801 .M236 2004

  • The Mate Selection Process in the United States. Ingoldsby, Bron B.. pp3-18.
  • "It's Better in the Bahamas": From Relationship Initiation to Marriage. Hamon, Raeann R.. pp21-42.
  • Mate Selection Preferences and Practices in Ecuador and Latin America. Schvaneveldt, Paul L.. pp43-60.
  • Mate Selection in Trinidad and Tobago: A Multireligious, Multicultural Perspective. Seegobin, Winston Tarquin, Kristen M.. pp61-76.
  • Tradition and Change in Family and Marital Processes: Selecting a Marital Partner in Ghana. Takyi, Baffour K.. pp79-94.
  • Connecting Generations: Kamba and Maasai Paths to Marriage in Kenya. Wilson, Stephan M. Ngige, Lucy W. Trollinger, Linda J.. pp95-118.
  • Love, Courtship, and Marriage From a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Upper Middle Class Egyptian Example. Sherif-Trask, Bahira. pp121-136.
  • Couple Formation in Israeli Jewish Society. Ritblatt, Shulamit N.. pp136-154.
  • Marriage in Turkey. Hortacsu, Nuran. pp155-172.
  • Couple Formation Practices in Spain. Reyes, J. Roberto. pp175-190.
  • The Development of Intimate Relationships in the Netherlands. van Dulmen, Manfred H. M.. pp191-206.
  • Mate Selection in Contemporary India: Love Marriages Versus Arranged Marriages. Medora, Nilufer P.. pp209-230.
  • The Transition of Courtship, Mate Selection, and Marriage in China. Xia, Yan R. Zhou, Zhi G.. pp231-246.
  • Multiplicity of Paths to Couple Formation in Japan. Murray, Colleen I. Kimura, Naoko. pp247-268.

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