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Handbook of World Families

Catalog Record Details


Handbook of World Families

Adams, Bert N.
Trost, Jan

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

Publication Year:

Family -- Cross-cultural studies

Call Number:
HQ 515 .H3356 2005

  • Families in Kenya. Mburugu, Edward K. Adams, Bert N.. pp3-24.
  • Nigerian Families. Modo, Innocent Victor Ogo. pp25-46.
  • Families in South Africa. Ziehl, Susan C.. pp47-64.
  • Australian Families. Vaus, David De. pp67-98.
  • Chinese Families. Sheng, Xuewen. pp99-128.
  • The Contemporary Indian Family. Singh, J. P.. pp129-166.
  • South Korean Families. Lee, Kwang-Kyu. pp167-176.
  • Taiwan's Families. Chen, Yu-Hua Yi, Chin-Chun. pp177-198.
  • Families in Austria. Richter, Rudolf Kytir, Sandra. pp201-214.
  • Belgium's Families. Dumon, Wilfried. pp215-234.
  • The Czech Family. Mozny, Ivo Katrnak, Tomas. pp235-261.
  • Finland's Families. Forsberg, Hannele. pp262-282.
  • Families in Germany. Klein, Thomas Nauck, Bernhard. pp283-312.
  • Families in Hungary. Toth, Olga Somlai, Peter. pp313-329.
  • The Family in Portugal: Past and Present. Amaro, Fausto. pp330-346.
  • Scandinavian Families. Trost, Jan Levin, Irene. pp347-363.
  • Families in Turkey. Nauck, Bernhard Klaus, Daniela. pp364-388.
  • The Family in Argentina: Modernity, Economic Crisis, and Politics. Jelin, Elizabeth. pp391-413.
  • Families in Cuba: From Colonialism to Revolution. Roschelle, Anne R. Toro-Morn, Maura I. Facio, Elisa. pp414-439.
  • The Family in Puerto Rico: Colonialism, Industrialization, and Migration. Toro-Morn, Maura I.. pp440-464.
  • Families in Iran: The Contemporary Situation. Azadarmaki, Taghi. pp467-485.
  • Families in Israel. Katz, Ruth Lavee, Yoav. pp486-506.
  • Kuwait's Families. Naser, Fahad Al. pp507-536.
  • Families in Canada. Harvey, Carol D. H.. pp539-559.
  • U.S. Families. Settles, Barbara H.. pp560-602.

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