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The Life Table: Modelling Survival and Death

Catalog Record Details


The Life Table: Modelling Survival and Death

Wunsch, Guillaume
Mouchart, Michel
Duchene, Josianne

Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer

Publication Year:

European Studies of Population

Mortality -- Tables
Life expectancy

Call Number:
HB 1321 .W8 2002

  • The Life Table: A Demographic Overview. Wunsch, Guillaume. pp13-32.
  • The Construction of Life Tables. Calot, Gerard Franco, Ana. pp33-78.
  • Methods of Decomposition of Differences between Life Expectancies at Birth by Causes of Death. Valkovics, Emil. pp79-94.
  • Of Entropies and Inequalities: Summary Measures of the Age Distribution of Mortality. Anson, Jon. pp95-116.
  • Age, Period and Cohort Components in Analysing Past and Projecting Future Mortality Trends. Graziella, Caselli. pp117-140.
  • Parameterisation as a Tool in Analysing Age, Period and Cohort Effects on Mortality: A Case Study of the Netherlands. Tabeau, Ewa Willekens, Frans van Poppel, Frans. pp141-170.
  • The Registration of Causes of Death: Problems of Comparability. Mesle, France. pp171-190.
  • Gains in Life Expectancy by Eliminating Major Causes of Death: Revised Estimates Taking into Account Competing Causes of Death. Kunst, Anton E. Mackenbach, Johan P. Lautenbach, Hendrika Oei, Ferry B. Bijlsma, Frans. pp191-206.
  • the Measurement of Mortality by Cause and of Morbidity. Duchene, Josianne. pp207-244.
  • Competing Risks Models: Problems of Modelling and of Identification. Mouchart, Michel Rolin, Jean-Marie. pp245-268.
  • Use of Demographic Tools in the Assessment of the Health Level of Populations. Cambois, Emmanuelle Robine, Jean-Marie. pp269-282.
  • The Life Table: A Sociological Overview. Anson, Jon. pp283-304.

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