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Handbook of the Psychology of Aging

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Handbook of the Psychology of Aging

Birren, James E.
Schaie, K. Warner

Sixth edition

San Diego: Academic Press

Publication Year:

Aging -- Psychological aspects

Call Number:
BF 724.55 .A35 .H36 2005

  • Theoretical Issues in the Psychology of Aging. Salthouse, Timothy A.. pp3-13.
  • Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Aging. Hofer, Scott M. Sliwinski, Martin J.. pp14-37.
  • Behavior Genetics and Aging. Vogler, George P.. pp38-55.
  • Contributions of Cognitive Neuroscience to the Understanding of Behavior and Aging. Kramer, Arthur F. Fabiani, Monica Colcombe, Stanley J.. pp56-83.
  • Health, Behavior and Optimal Aging: A Life Span Development Perspective. Aldwin, Carolyn M. Spiro III, Avron Park, Crystal L.. pp85-104.
  • Environmental Gerontology: Progress in the Post-Lawton Era. Scheidt, Rick J. Windley, Paul G.. pp105-128.
  • Vision and Aging. Schieber, Frank. pp129-162.
  • Aging, Complexity, and Motor Performance. Newell, Karl M. Vaillancourt, David E. Sosnoff, Jacob J.. pp163-182.
  • Changing Role of the Speed of Processing Construct in the Cognitive Psychology of Human Aging. Hartley, Alan. pp183-208.
  • Memory Aging. Hoyer, William J. Verhaeghen, Paul. pp209-232.
  • Applied Learning and Aging: A Closer Look at Reading. Meyer, Bonnie J. F. Pollard, Carlee K.. pp233-261.
  • Language Comprehension and Production in Normal Aging. Thornton, Robert Light, Leah L.. pp262-288.
  • Selection, Optimization, and Compensation as Developmental Mechanisms of Adaptive Resource Allocation: Review and Preview. Riediger, Michaela Li, Shu-Chen Lindenberger, Ulman. pp289-314.
  • Everyday Problem Solving and Decision Making. Marsiske, Michael Margrett, Jennifer A.. pp315-342.
  • Aging and the Intersection of Cognition, Motivation, and Emotion. Cartensen, Laura L. Mikels, Joseph A. Mather, Mara. pp343-362.
  • Personality and Aging. Mroczek, Daniel K. Spiro III, Avron Griffin, Paul W. . pp363-378.
  • Attitudes Towards Aging and Their Effects on Behavior. Hess, Thomas M. . pp379-407.
  • Improving the Mental Health of Older Adults. Knight, Bob G. Kaskie Brian Shurgot, Gia Robinson Dave, Jennifer . pp408-425.
  • Adaptive Technology. Scialfa, Charles T. Fernie, Geoff R.. pp426-441.
  • Wisdom and Aging. Brugman, Gerard M.. pp442-476.
  • Autobiographical Memory and the Narrative Self over the Life Span. Birren, James E. Schroots, Johannes J. F.. pp477-499.
  • Religion and Health in Late Life. Krause, Neal. pp500-518.

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