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Working and Poor: How Economic and Policy Changes Are Affecting Low-Wage Workers

Catalog Record Details


Working and Poor: How Economic and Policy Changes Are Affecting Low-Wage Workers

Blank, Rebecca M.
Danziger, Sheldon H.
Schoeni, Robert F

New York: Russell Sage Foundation

Publication Year:

The National Poverty Center Series on Poverty and Public Policy

Unskilled labor -- Supply and demand -- United States
Labor market -- United States
Unemployment -- United States
Poverty -- United States
Temporary employment -- United States

Call Number:
HD 5724 B543 2006

  • Work and Poverty During the Past Quarter-Century. Blank, Rebecca M. Danziger, Sheldon H. Schoeni, Robert F.. pp1-20.
  • Exploring Gender Differences in Employment and Wage Trends Among Less-Skilled Workers. Blank, Rebecca M. Shierholz, Heidi. pp23-58.
  • Wage Trends Among Disadvantaged Minorities. Borjas, George J.. pp59-86.
  • The Macroeconomy and Determinants of the Earnings of Less-Skilled Workers. Hall, Robert E.. pp89-112.
  • The Impact of Technological Change on Low-Wage Workers: A Review. Card, David DiNardo, John. pp113-140.
  • The Changing Pattern of Wage Growth for Low-Skilled Workers. French, Eric Mazumder, Bhashkar Taber, Christopher. pp141-172.
  • The Level and Composition of Consumption over the Business Cycle: The Role of "Quasi-Fixed" Expenditures. Charles, Kerwin Kofi Stephens, Melvin, Jr.. pp175-204.
  • Recent Trends in Resource Sharing Among the Poor. Haider, Steven J. McGarry, Kathleen. pp205-232.
  • Economic Conditions and Children's Living Arrangements. London, Rebecca A. Fairlie, Robert W.. pp232-262.
  • How Do Tax Policies Affect Low-Income Workers?. Hassett, Kevin A. Moore, Anne. pp265-288.
  • State Spending on Social Assistance Programs Over the Business Cycle. McGuire, Therese J. Merriman, David F.. pp289-311.
  • Temporary Agency Employment: A Way Out of Poverty?. Autor, David Houseman, Susan. pp312-337.
  • Child Support and the Economy. Cancian, Maria Meyer, Daniel R.. pp338-365.
  • Unemployment Insurance Over the Business Cycle: Does it Meet the Needs of Less-Skilled Workers?. Levine, Philip B.. pp366-395.
  • How is Health Insurance Affected by the Economy? Public and Private Coverage Among Low-Skilled Adults in the 1990s. Levy, Helen. pp396-426.

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