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Handbook of Social Psychology

Catalog Record Details


Handbook of Social Psychology

Delamater, John

New York: Springer

Publication Year:

Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research

Call Number:
HM 1033 .H36 2006

  • The Symbolic Interactionist Frame. Stryker, Sheldon Vryan, Kevin D.. pp3-28.
  • Expectation States Theory. Correll, Shelley J. Ridgeway, Cecilia L.. pp29-52.
  • Social Exchange Theory. Cook, Karen S. Rice, Eric. pp53-76.
  • Social Structure and Personality. McLeod, Jane D. Lively, Kathryn J.. pp77-102.
  • Evolutionary Social Psychology: Adaptive Predispositions and Human Culture. Kenrick, Douglas Ackerman, Josh Ledlow, Susan. pp103-124.
  • Development and Socialization in Childhood. Corsaro, William S. Fingerson, Laura. pp125-156.
  • Socialization in Adolescence. Eder, Donna Nenga, Sandi Kawecka. pp157-182.
  • Development and Socialization through the Adult Life Course. Lutfey, Karen Mortimer, Jeylan T.. pp183-204.
  • Self and Identity. Owens, Timothy J.. pp205-232.
  • Language and Social Interaction. Maynard, Douglas W. Peräkylä, Anssi. pp233-258.
  • Social Cognition. Howard, Judith A. Renfrow, Daniel G.. pp259-282.
  • Ideologies, Values, Attitudes, and Behavior. Maio, Gregory R. Olson, James M. Bernard, Mark M. Luke, Michelle A.. pp283-308.
  • Emotions and Sentiments. Stets, Jan E.. pp309-338.
  • Attraction and Interpersonal Relationships. Orbuch, Terri L. Sprecher Susan. pp339-362.
  • Interaction in Small Groups. Burke, Peter J.. pp363-388.
  • Interaction in Social Networks. Felmlee, Diane H.. pp389-410.
  • Social Structure and Psychological Functioning: Distress, Perceived Control, and Trust. Ross, Catherine E. Mirowsky, John. pp411-450.
  • Social Psychological Perspectives on Deviance. Kaplan, Howard B.. pp451-478.
  • Intergroup Relations. Hogg, Michael A.. pp479-502.
  • Social Psychological Perspectives on Crowds and Social Movements. Rohlinger, Deana A. Snow, David A. pp503-528.
  • Cross-Cultural Social Psychology. Miller-Loessi, Karen Parker, John N.. pp529-553.

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