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Handbook of the Biology of Aging

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Handbook of the Biology of Aging

Masoro, Edward J.
Austad, Steven N.

Sixth edition

Amsterdam: Elsevier

Publication Year:

Call Number:
QP 86 .H24 2006

  • Reliability Theory of Aging and Longevity. Gavrilov, Leonid A. Gavrilova, Natalia S.. pp3-42.
  • Are Age-Associated Diseases an Integral Part of Aging?. Masoro, Edward J.. pp43-62.
  • Dietary Restriction, Hormesis, and Small Molecule Mimetics. Sinclair, David A. Howitz, Konrad T.. pp63-104.
  • Hermatopoietic Stem Cells, Aging, and Cancer. Bell, Deborah R. Van Zant, Gary. pp105-123.
  • Mitochondria: A Critical Role in Aging. Golden, Tamara R. Morten, Karl Johnson, Felicity Samper, Enrique Melov, Simon. pp124-148.
  • P53 and Mouse Aging Models. Gatza, Catherine Hinkal, George Moore, Lynette Dumble, Melissa Donehower, Lawrence A.. pp149-180.
  • Complex Genetic Architecture of Drosophila Longevity. Mackay, Trudy F. Roshina, Natalia V. Leips, Jeff W. Pasyukova, Elena G.. pp181-216.
  • Evolutionary Biology of Aging: Future Directions. Promislow, Daniel E. L. Fedorka, Kenneth M. Burger, Joep M. S.. pp217-242.
  • Senescence in Wild Populations of Mammals and Birds. Brunet-Rossinni, Anja K. Austad, Steven N.. pp243-266.
  • Biodemography of Aging and Age-Specific Mortality in Drosphila melanogaster. Curtsinger, James W. Gavrilova, Natalia S. Gavrilov, Leonid A.. pp267-294.
  • Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Changes in Aging. Hudson, F. Noel Kaeberlein, Matt Linford, Nancy Pretchard, David Beyer, Richard Rabinovitich, Peter S.. pp295-333.
  • Computer Modeling in the Study of Aging. Kirkwood, Thomas B. L. Boys Richard J. Gillespite, Colin S. Procter, Carole J. Shanley, Daryl P. Wilkenson, Darren J.. pp334-359.
  • Dissecting the Processes of Aging Using the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Henderson, Samuel T. Rea, Shane L. Johnson, Thomas E.. pp360-399.
  • Genetic Manipulation of Life Span in Drosophila Melanogaster. Ford, Daniel Tower, John. pp400-414.
  • Juvenile and Steroid Hormones in Drosophila melanogaster Longevity. Tu, Meng-Ping Flatt, Thomas Tatar, Marc. pp415-448.
  • A Critical Evaluation of Nonmammalian Models for Aging Research. Austad, Steven N. Podlutsky, Andrej. pp449-469.
  • Differential Aging Among Skeletal Muscles. McCarter, Roger J. M.. pp470-497.
  • Aging, Body Fat, and Carbohydrate Metabolism. Rincon, Marielisa Muzumdar, Radhika Barzilai, Nir. pp498-511.
  • Growth and Aging: Why Do Big Dogs Die Young?. Miller, Richard A. Austad, Steven N.. pp512-533.
  • Growth Hormone, Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, and the Biology of Aging. Carter, Christy S. Sonntag, William E.. pp534-569.
  • Aging of the Female Reproductive System. Wise, Phyllis M.. pp570-590.

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