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Handbook of Measurement Issues in Family Research

Catalog Record Details


Handbook of Measurement Issues in Family Research

Hofferth, Sandra L.
Casper, Lynne M.

Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Publication Year:

Measurement Issues in Family Demography, Bethesda, MD, November 2003.

Call Number:
HQ 10 .H24 2006

  • Playing Catch-Up: Improving Data and Measures for Family Research. Casper, Lynne M. Hofferth, Sandra L. pp3-18.
  • Measuring Cohabitation: Does How, When, and Who You Ask Matter?. Knab, Jean Tansey McLanahan, Sara. pp19-34.
  • Measuring Cohabitation in Add Health. Pollard, Michael S. Harris, Kathleen Mullan. pp35-52.
  • Studying Marriage and Commitment With Survey Data. Amato, Paul R.. pp53-66.
  • Conceptualizing and Measuring Marital Virtues. Hawkins, Alan J. Fowers, Blaine J. Carroll, Jason S. Yang, Chongming. pp67-84.
  • Assessing Couple and Marital Relationships: Beyond Form and Toward a Deeper Knowledge of Function. Stanley, Scott M.. pp85-100.
  • Developing Measures of Healthy Marriages and Relationships. Moore, Kristin A. Bronte-Tinkew, Jacinta Jekielek, Susan Guzman, Lina Ryan, Suzanne Redd, Zakia Carrano, Jennifer Matthews, Greg. pp101-124.
  • Measuring Separation and Divorce. Bumpass, Larry Raley, Kelly. pp125-144.
  • The Visible Hand: Editing Marital-History Data From Census Bureau Surveys. O'Connell, Martin. pp145-158.
  • Mapping Children's Living Arrangements With a Relationship Matrix. Brandon, Peter D.. pp159-178.
  • Is "Single-Parent Family" a Misnomer Misdirecting Research and Policies?. Hill, Martha Callister, Paul. pp179-198.
  • Cohabitation and Measurement of Family Trajectories. Manning, Wendy D. Bulanda, Ron E.. pp199-220.
  • Measuring Poverty With Different Units of Analysis. Iceland, John. pp221-234.
  • Measuring Gay and Lesbian Couples. Gates, Gary J. Sell, Randall. pp235-244.
  • Including the Military and the Incarcerated in Surveys of Families. Mosher, William D.. pp245-262.
  • Male Relationship and Fertility Data in the NLSY. Mott, Frank L. Hurst, Dawn S. Gryn, Thomas. pp263-284.
  • Counting Dads: Improving Estimates of Teen Fatherhood. Boggess, Scott Martinez, Gladys Jasik, Carolyn Bradner Lindberg, Laura Duberstein. pp285-302.
  • Qualitative Insights for Studying Male Fertility. Marsiglio, William. pp303-324.
  • Taking Stock: Do Surveys of Men's Fertility Deliver?. Bachrach, Christine. pp325-334.
  • Resident Father Involvement and Social Fathering. Hofferth, Sandra L. Cabrera, Natasha Carlson, Marcia Coley, Rebekah Levine Day, Randal Schindler, Holly. pp335-374.
  • Measuring Contact Between Children and Nonresident Fathers. Argys, Laura Peters, Elizabeth Cook, Steven Garasky, Steven Nepomnyaschy, Lenna Sorensen, Elaine. pp375-398.
  • Measuring Support to Children by Nonresident Fathers. Garasky, Steven Peters, Elizabeth Argys, Laura Cook, Steven Nepomnyaschy, Lenna Sorensen, Elaine. pp399-428.
  • Progress Make, Gaps Remain: Final Observations. Hofferth, Sandra L. Casper, Lynne M.. pp429-436.

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