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Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health

Catalog Record Details


Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health

Galea, Sandro

New York: Springer

Publication Year:

Social medicine
Health promotion
Medicine, Preventive

Call Number:
RA 418 .M12 2007

Alternate Location:
PSC Authors

  • Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health in the Context of Globalization. Florey, Lia S Galea, Sandro Wilson, Mark L. pp15-52.
  • Urbanicity, Urbanization, and the Urban Environment. Ompad, Danielle C Galea, Sandro Vlahov, David. pp53-70.
  • Corporate Practices. Freudenberg, Nicholas Galea, Sandro. pp71-104.
  • Political Economic Systems and the Health of Populations: Historical Thought and Current Directions. Waitzkin, Howard. pp105-138.
  • Climate Change. O'Neill, Marie S Ebi, Kristie L. pp139-158.
  • Global Governance. Aginam, Obijiofor. pp159-168.
  • Macroeconomics. Bishai, David M Kung, Yung-Ting. pp169-192.
  • Culture. Eckersley, Richard M. pp193-210.
  • Taxation and Population Health: "Sin Taxes" or Structured Approaches. Caraher, Martin Carr-Hill, Roy. pp211-232.
  • Patent Law and Policy. Kesselheim, Aaron S Avorn, Jerry. pp233-246.
  • Migration. Loue, Sana Galea, Sandro. pp247-274.
  • Mass Media. Viswanath, K Ramanadhan, Shoba Kontos, Emily Z. pp275-294.
  • Integrative Chapter: Macrosocial Determinants of Population Health. Galea, Sandro. pp295-300.
  • Identifying Causal Ecologic Effects on Health: A Methodological Assessment. Subramanian, S V Glymour, M Maria Kawachi, Ichiro. pp301-332.
  • Ecological Studies. Curtis, Sarah Cummins, Steven. pp333-354.
  • Making Causal Inferences About Macrosocial Factors as a Basis for Public Health Policies. Kaufman, Jay S. pp355-374.
  • Estimating the Health Effects of Macrosocial Shocks: A Collaborative Approach. Catalano, Ralph Ahern, Jennifer Bruckner, Tim. pp375-398.
  • What Level Macro? Choosing Appropriate Levels to Assess How Place Influences Population Health. Osypuk, Theresa L. Galea, Sandro. pp399-436.
  • Integrative Chapter: Methodologic Considerations in the Study of the Macrosocial determination of Population Health. Galea, Sandro. pp437-442.
  • Acting Upon the Macrosocial Environment to Improve Health: A Framework for Intervention. Semenza, Jan C Maty, Siobhan C. pp443-462.
  • Case Studies: Improving the Macrosocial Environment. Semenza, Jan C. pp463-484.
  • Integrative Chapter: Modifying Macrosocial Factors to Improve Population Health. Galea, Sandro. pp485-488.

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