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Family in the Middle East: Ideational change in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia

Catalog Record Details


Family in the Middle East: Ideational change in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia

Yount, Kathryn M.
Rashad, Hoda

Publication Year:

Routledge advances in Middle East and Islamic studies

Family -- Middle East
Muslim Families -- Middle East
Middle East -- Social Conditions

Call Number:
HQ 663.3 .F37 2008

  • 1) Familism and critical Arab family studies. Suad Joseph. pp25-39.
  • 2) International feminism and the women's movement in Egypt, 1904-1923: a reappraisal of categories and legacies. Mary Ann Fay. pp40-54.
  • 3) From birth control to family planning: population, gender, and the politics of reproduction in Egypt. Laura Bier. pp55-79.
  • 4) Family law and family planning policy in pre- and post-revolutionary Iran. Homa Hoodfar. pp80-110.
  • 5) From nationalism to feminism: family law in Tunisia. Mounira M. Charrad. pp111-136.
  • 6) Why kin marriages? Rationales in rural Upper Egypt. Hania Sholkamy. pp139-150.
  • 7) Social change and parent–adolescent dynamics in Egypt. Sahar El Tawila Barbara Ibrahim Hind Wassef. pp151-170.
  • 8) Women's family power and gender preference in Minya, Egypt. Kathryn M. Yount. pp171-195.
  • 9) Divorce and the fate of the family in modern century Egypt. Kenneth M. Cuno. pp196-216.
  • 10) The family and social change in post-revolutionary Iran. Mohannad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi Peter McDonald Meimanat Hossein-Chavoshi. pp217-235.
  • 11) From sexual submission to voluntary commitment: the transformation of family ties in contemporary Tunisia. Lilia Labidi. pp236-250.
  • Introduction) Historical orientations to the study of family change: ideational forces considered. Kathryn M. Yount Hoda Rashad. pp3-22.
  • Conclusion) Family life and ideational change in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia –reconsidered. Hoda Rashad Kathryn M. Yount. pp253-259.

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