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Intergenerational Caregiving

Catalog Record Details


Intergenerational Caregiving

Booth, Alan
Crouter, Ann C.
Bianchi, Suzanne M.
Seltzer, Judith A.

Washington, DC: The Urban Institute

Publication Year:

Intergenerational relations

Call Number:
HM 726 .I46 2008

  • 1) Intergenerational ties : theories, trends, and challenges. Suzanne M. Bianchi V. Joseph Hotz Kathleen McGarry Judith A. Seltzer. pp3-44.
  • 2) Are we asking the right questions on intergenerational ties?. Rebeca Wong. pp45-52.
  • 3) Intergenerational ties : what can be gained from an international perspective?. Francesco C. Billari Aart C. Liefbroer. pp53-66.
  • 4) Developing interdisciplinary approaches to study intergenerational relationships. Melissa Hardy. pp67-80.
  • 5) Intergenerational caregiving and exchange : economic and evolutionary approaches. Donald Cox. pp81-126.
  • 6) Do bioevolutionary forces shape intergenerational transfers? Detecting evidence in contemporary survey data. Merril Silverstein. pp127-144.
  • 7) The problem of predictive promiscuity in deductive applications of evolutionary reasoning to intergenerational transfers : three cautionary tales. Jeremy Freese. pp145-178.
  • 8) Beyond theory : individual differences in exchanges between older parents and their children. Steven H. Zarit. pp179-194.
  • 9) Intergenerational support, care and relationship quality in later life : exploring within-family differences. Steven H. Zarit. pp195-232.
  • 10) Unanticipated lives : inter- and intra-generational relationships in families with children with disabilities . Marsha Mailick Seltzer Jan S. Greenberg Gael I Orsmond Julie Lounds Taylor Matthew J. Smith. pp233-242.
  • 11) Families as non-shared environments for siblings. Susan M. McHale Ann C. Crouter. pp243-256.
  • 12) Family bargaining and long-term care of the disabled elderly. Liliana E. Pezzin Robert A. Pollak Barbara S. Schone. pp247-278.
  • 13) The distribution of obligations. Steven L. Nock Paul W. Kingston Laura M. Holian. pp279-316.
  • 14) Race and ethnic influences on normative beliefs and attitudes toward provision of family care. James S. Jackson toni C. Antonucci Edna E. Brown Svein Olav Daatland Besangie Sellars. pp317-332.
  • 15) Between the motion and the act : psychological perspectives on the distribution of obligations. Adam Davey. pp333-340.
  • 16) Interpreting norms of obligation as planner's preferences for distributional justice : a formal economic model. Robert J. Willis. pp341-350.
  • 16) Expanding the horizon : new directions for the study of intergenerational care and exchange. Cassandra Rasmussen Dorius Laura Wray-Lake. pp351-382.

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