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The Handbook of Attitudes

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The Handbook of Attitudes

Albarracín, Dolores
Johnson, Blair T.
Zanna, Mark P.

New York: Psychology Press

Publication Year:

Attitude (Psychology)

Call Number:
BF 327 .H36 2005

  • 1) Attitudes : introduction and scope. Albarracín, Dolores Johnson, Blair T. Zanna, Mark P. Kumkale, G. Tarcan. pp3-20.
  • 2) The measurement of attitudes. Jon A. Krosnick Charles M. Judd Bernd Wittenbrink. pp21-78.
  • 3) The structure of attitudes. Leandre R. Fabrigar Tara K. MacDonald Duane T. Wegener. pp79-124.
  • 4) The origins and structure of behavior : conceptualizing behavior in attitude research. James Jaccard Hart Blanton. pp125-172.
  • 5) The influence of attitudes on behavior. Icek Ajzen Martin Fishbein. pp173-222.
  • 6) The influence of behavior on attitudes. James M. Olson Jeff Stone. pp223-272.
  • 7) Belief formation, organization, and change : cognitive and motivational influences . Robert S. Wyer, Jr. Dolores Albarracín. pp273-322.
  • 8) The influence of beliefs and goals on attitudes : issues of structure, function, and dynamics. Arie W. Kruglanski Wolfgang Stroebe. pp323-368.
  • 9) The influence of attitudes on beliefs : formation and change. Kerry L. Marsh Harry M. Wallace. pp369-396.
  • 10) The structure of affect. Ulrich Schimmack Stephen L. Crites, Jr.. pp397-436.
  • 11) The influence of affect on attitude. Gerald L. Clore Simone Schnall. pp437-492.
  • 12) Cognitive processes in attitude formation and change. Duane T. Wegener Donal E. Carlston. pp493-542.
  • 13) Implicit and explicit attitudes : research, challenges, and theory. John N. Bassili Rick D. Brown. pp543-574.
  • 14) Individual differences in attitude change. Pablo Briñol Richard E. Petty. pp575-616.
  • 15) Communication and attitude change : causes, processes, and effects. Blair T. Johnson Gregory R. Maio Aaron Smith-McLallen. pp617-670.
  • 16) Social influence in attitudes and attitude change. Radmila Prislin Wendy Wood. pp671-706.
  • 17) Attitude theory and research : intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary connections. Victor Ottati John Edwards Nathaniel D. Krumdick. pp707-742.
  • 18) Attitude research in the 21st century : the current state of knowledge. Alice H. Eagly Shelly Chaiken. pp743-768.

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