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Intraindividual Processes

Catalog Record Details


Intraindividual Processes

Tesser, Abraham
Schwarz, Norbert

Malden, MA: Blackwell

Publication Year:

Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology

Cognition -- Social aspects.
Motivation (Psychology) -- Social aspects.

Call Number:
BF 311 .H36 2000

On Loan (contact Library for recall)

  • 1) Evolutionary Analyses in Social Psychology. Burnstein, Eugene Branigan, Christine. pp3-21.
  • 2) The Cultural Grounding of Social Psychological Theory. Miller, Joan G.. pp22-43.
  • 3) A Lifespan Developmental Perspective. Durkin, Kevin. pp44-67.
  • 4) Cognitive Indices of Social Information Processing. Bassili, John N.. pp68-88.
  • 5) The Psychophysiological Perspective on the Social Mind. Winkielman, Piotr Berntson, Gary G. Cacioppo, John T.. pp89-108.
  • 6) Mental representation. Smith, Eliot R. Queller, Sarah. pp111-133.
  • 7) The social unconscious. Banaji, Mahzarin R. Lemm, Kristi M. Carpenter, Siri J.. pp134-158.
  • 8) Language and social cognition. Semin, Gün R.. pp159-180.
  • 9) Conversational processes in reasoning and explanation. Hilton, Denis J. Slugoski, Ben R.. pp181-206.
  • 10) The heuristics and biases approach to judgment of uncertainty. Griffin, Dale Gonzalez, Richard Varey, Carol. pp207-235.
  • 11) How the Mind Moves: Knowledge Accessibility and the Fine-tuning of the Cognitive System. Martin, Leonard L. Strack, Fritz Stapel, Diederik A.. pp236-256.
  • 12) Standards, Expectancies, and Social Comparison. Biernat, Monica Billings, Laura S.. pp257-283.
  • 13) Individual Differences in Information Processing. Suedfeld, Peter Tetlock, Philip E.. pp284-304.
  • 14) Self-Regulation. Carver, Charles S.. pp307-328.
  • 15) Goal Setting and Goal Striving. Oettingen, Gabriele Gollwitzer, Peter M.. pp329-347.
  • 16) On the Motives Underlying Social Cognition. Dunning, David. pp348-374.
  • 17) The Nature of Emotion. Parrott, W. Gerrod. pp375-390.
  • 18) The Consequences of Mood on the Processing of Social Information. Bless, Herbert. pp391-412.
  • 19) Attitudes, Persuasion, and Behavior. Bohner, Gerd Schwarz, Norbert. pp413-435.
  • 20) The Construction of Attitudes. Schwarz, Norbert Bohner, Gerd. pp436-457.
  • 21) Values and Ideologies. Rohan, Meg J. Zanna, Mark P.. pp458-478.
  • 22) Self-Esteem. Tesser, Abraham. pp479-498.
  • 23) Self-Concept and Identity. Oyserman, Daphna. pp499-517.
  • 24) Identity Through Time: Constructing Personal Pasts and Futures. Ross, Michael Buehler, Roger. pp518-544.
  • 25) Psychology and Law. Köhnken, Günter Fiedler, Maria Möhlenbeck, Charlotte. pp547-568.
  • 26) Consumer Behavior. Savitt, Sharon Wänke, Michaela. pp569-590.
  • 27) Dealing with Adversity: Self-Regulation, Coping, Adaptation, and Health. Aspinwall, Lisa G.. pp591-614.
  • 28) The Psychological Determinants of Political Judgment. Ottati, Victor C.. pp615-634.

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